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Do’s & Don’ts for Maintaining Your Septic Tank, Elko, Nevada
When you live out in the country, it’s a different way of life. The stars are brighter, the sounds of traffic are quieter, and your utilities may come in a slightly different form. For example, you might use a well for water and rely on ...read more
3 Strategies to Thaw Frozen Pipes, Elko, Nevada
Pipes installed on exterior walls and drafty areas can freeze in frigid conditions. If water won’t flow out of your faucets, these frozen pipes could be to blame. More problematically, the metal could eventually break, causing water to s...read more
Elko, NV Heating and AC Businesses
Charles Chester Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Emergency Plumbers, Heating & Air, Heating and AC, Elko, Nevada
2950 Mountain City Hwy
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-6125
From broken pipes to clogged toilets, plumbing problems can cause major trouble for homes and businesses. If you need help, reach out to the proven plumbers at Charles Chester Plumbing & Heating, Inc. in Elko, NV. With a rich traditi...
Parker Solutions LLC, HVAC Services, Heating and AC, Heating & Air, Elko, Nevada
303 Third St. Suite B
Elko, NV 89801
When it comes to your comfort, Parker Solutions LLC is an HVAC contractor that doesn’t take shortcuts. As the leading heating system and air conditioning repair service in Elko, NV, this team of specialists takes pride in delivering resp...
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Do's & Don'ts for Lowering Your Winter Heating Bills, Elko, Nevada
Whether your furnace runs on heating oil, natural gas, or electricity, winter is sure to bring a spike in your energy costs. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the expense of ke...read more
3 Steps to Take If the Toilet Overflows, Elko, Nevada
Few emergency plumbing situations are more alarming than a clogged and overflowing toilet. During these incidents, quick action will help contain the mess and facilitate easier repai...read more
4 Reasons Why Your Home Is Unevenly Heated, Elko, Nevada
With winter right around the corner, you will be relying on your heating system more and more to keep you and your family comfortable. However, after being out of use for so lon...read more
5 Standard Components of a Residential Septic System, Elko, Nevada
When maintained properly, a septic system offers a safe and sustainable solution for non-municipal sewage. Put simply, these resources are designed to collect waste from a house, bre...read more
3 Signs Your Home Needs Air Duct Cleaning, Elko, Nevada
If your home has central air, it relies on its ductwork to deliver treated air throughout your home. These may gather dust, pet hair, and other particles over time, reducing your ind...read more
We are excited to grow our team!  , Elko, Nevada
We are excited to announce we have positions available with our team of HVAC & Plumbing specialists.  Here at Charles Chester Plumbing & Heating we have s...read more
What You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Elko, Nevada
Burning fuel or carbon-based materials emits an odorless, toxic gas called carbon monoxide (CO). CO emissions are not limited to car engines; this gas is also released by home applia...read more
How to Ready Your HVAC System This Fall, Elko, Nevada
As fall kicks into gear, temperatures will quickly drop, leading you to turn up the heat inside to stay warm. However, before you reach for the thermostat, double-check that your HVA...read more
Should You Get a Wood or Gas Stove?, Elko, Nevada
In the scorching heat of summer, it might be hard to think about the cooler days ahead. However, it’s best to have plans in place before winter comes. If you’ve been thinking about g...read more
What Not to Flush Down the Toilet, Elko, Nevada
We take it for granted—that with a flush of the handle, our waste products are taken away to be processed elsewhere. However, as reliable as our toilets are most of the time, they ar...read more
3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business’s HVAC System, Elko, Nevada
Your employees have their jobs to do—and so does the HVAC system. In addition to cooling the air during the hot summer months, it also dehumidifies it, which helps prevent ...read more
3 Reasons to Upgrade Your HVAC Before Listing Your Home, Elko, Nevada
Homeowners looking to sell want to get the best possible return on their investment. However, that is unlikely to happen if buyers find themselves sweltering when they come in for a ...read more
4 Reasons to Change Your Air Filters Regularly, Elko, Nevada
Changing the filter in your air conditioner is an integral part of preserving the HVAC system, keeping air ducts clear, and creating a better home environment. Clogged...read more
3 Common Plumbing Issues in Spring, Elko, Nevada
While plumbing issues can occur any time of year, there are several specific to springtime you should be aware of. Melting snow, new plant growth, and rainy weather are among the maj...read more
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