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4 FAQ About Heat Pumps, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Heat pumps use refrigerant and electricity to absorb heat and transfer it where you need it to go. While these systems have been gaining popularity in recent years, many people still have questions about them, including how they work, wh...read more
5 Reasons to Invest in Central Air Conditioning, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
If you have a window air conditioning unit, you likely know these systems aren't ideal. Upgrading to a central HVAC system instead will offer noticeable improvements for both your comfort and your wallet, including the following. Why Sh...read more
Wisconsin Rapids, WI Heating and AC Businesses
Tri-City Services, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating and AC, HVAC Services, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
3019 State Highway 73
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
Everyone should be comfortable in their own home and hiring a skilled technician is the best way to ensure your HVAC system is working the way it should. With more than 70 years of providing exceptional heating and cooling services to cl...
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3 Ways to Make Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit More Efficient, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Whether you own a restaurant, grocery store, or coffee shop, chances are that you rely on your commercial refrigeration equipment daily. While essential to operations, this equipment...read more
How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Your air conditioning system can use a significant amount of electricity on a hot summer day. However, there are ways to keep your energy bills manageable without making your family ...read more
3 Tips for Displaying Your Baked Goods, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
New customers may not know how delicious your baked goods are, but they’ll be enticed to try them when the food is displayed artfully. When your items are ready to get some attention...read more
3 Cleaning Tips for Commercial Refrigerators, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Whether you manage a chain restaurant or own an independent grocery store, keeping your commercial refrigeration equipment clean should be a priority. Beyond maintaining efficiency, ...read more
4 Factors That Can Impact Your Indoor Air Quality, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Concerns over outdoor air pollution have lingered for decades. However, many fail to realize that the emissions released inside a home might be even more dangerous. According to...read more
5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
With spring just a few weeks away, the warm temperatures are soon to arrive. When this happens, having a functioning HVAC system for comfort and humidity control is essential. S...read more
5 Ways to Prepare for Air Conditioning Installation, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
While the summer may seem far away, now is actually the perfect time for air conditioning installation. By preparing your home now, you can ensure you won't be unpleasantly surp...read more
5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
A pet brings a great deal of love and warmth into a home, but it can also bring a fair bit of mess. Unfortunately, hair, dander, and contaminants that your furry friend carries in fr...read more
A Homeowner's Guide to Heat Pumps & Furnaces, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Whether you're building your own home or looking to update your current appliances, choosing between a furnace and a heat pump can be challenging. After all, it could make ...read more
5 Factors to Consider When Looking at Your New Home's HVAC System, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
When purchasing a home, you’ll need to inspect every feature from the roof to the foundation to look for signs of flaws. However, the internal components are just as important, as th...read more
3 Easy Steps to Winterize Air Conditioning Units, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
When wintertime comes and you no longer need air conditioning, you can extend the life of your AC system by winterizing it. Simple cleaning tasks like air filter changes will prevent...read more
5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Gas Furnace, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Fall has finally arrived in Wisconsin, which means you can turn off your air conditioning and throw open the windows. However, winter is just around the corner, which makes autumn th...read more
3 Ways to Boost Air Conditioning Efficiency , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Summer’s coming to a close, but hot temperatures are still in full force for a few more weeks. Are you doing everything you can to ensure your air conditioning system is running...read more
40% off Early Bird Fall Furnace Check!, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Call now for your fall gas furnace or boiler check and get 40% off regular prices!  A Furnace/Boiler check ensures your heating equipment is operating safely and efficiently.&n...read more
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