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How Does Air Quality Affect Employee Productivity?, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
If you own or manage an office space, the health and comfort of your workers are likely among your top priorities. Good indoor air quality can significantly impact employee productivity, potentially increasing sales, boosting&n...read more
Do's & Don'ts for Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter , Lake Havasu City, Arizona
There’s nothing like coming back to a cozy home after being outside in the cold. However, heating your property can be more complicated than you might think. The proper practices will ensure you make the most of your HVAC system and keep...read more
Bullhead City, AZ Heating and AC Businesses
All American Air Conditioning of Havasu, Air Conditioning Repair, Heating and AC, Air Conditioning Contractors, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
140 N Lake Havasu Ave
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(928) 855-4549
Keeping your home cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient is what the professional team at All American Air Conditioning of Havasu does best. This reliable HVAC contractor has been a part of the Lake Havasu City and Parker, AZ, communiti...
Kool­-Wave Air Conditioning & Heating, Heating and AC, Heating, Air Conditioning, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
2642 N. Kiowa Blvd Suite #101
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
(928) 855-5665
Air conditioning service and heating repair aren't something most people spend too much time thinking about, but being comfortable in your own home and business is something everyone should take seriously. Kool-Wave Air Conditioning &...
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3 Steps to Prepare Your Heater for Winter, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Summer heat is quickly fading, and before you know it, you will need to turn on your furnace. Since the heating system likely had not been used for a few months, it is best to get it...read more
4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Routine HVAC Maintenance, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Your office relies on regular HVAC inspections and maintenance to operate smoothly. While these services may not seem urgent, having them performed will benefit your company in ...read more
 3 Benefits of Routine Air Duct Cleaning, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
The average heating and cooling system requires a professional air duct cleaning every three to five years. A lot of contaminants and debris settle in your duct system and creat...read more
3 HVAC Tips for Your Restaurant, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Managing a restaurant requires more than just serving delicious food. While that’s the main focus of the operation, providing a comfortable environment for both your patrons and staf...read more
How to Choose the Best HVAC Unit for Your Commercial Space, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Commercial HVAC units need to work extra efficiently to distribute warm or cool air throughout large, high-traffic spaces. Making sure your employees are comfortable ensures producti...read more
Why You Should Install a Smart Thermostat, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
You might only call your HVAC contractor to maintain and repair your air conditioner and heating systems throughout the year. However, they can also offer upgrades, including sm...read more
3 Common Midsummer AC Issues, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Your air conditioner keeps your home comfortable on even the most sweltering days. But months of constant use can lead to issues that, if neglected, will result in costly a...read more
4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Immunocompromised Patient, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Diseases, surgeries, and other health-related factors can leave patients in immunocompromised states. When someone’s immune system is weak, they may develop life-threatening infectio...read more
4 Do's & Don't for Improving Indoor Air Quality, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
If you notice musty odors throughout your home or experience frequent allergy flare-ups, the indoor air may contain impurities and harmful microbes. Fortunately, ...read more
5 Tips for Reducing AC Costs This Summer, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
It can be expensive for Arizona homeowners to keep their properties cool throughout the summer. However, you can lower power bills without sacrificing your family’s comfort. From cal...read more
3 Tips for Minimizing Your Pet’s Effect on Your HVAC System, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Bringing a new pet into your home is an exciting occasion, but it’s also the time to make little adjustments as your family acclimates to having another living being in the house. In...read more
What to Do If Your AC Breaks Down During the Summer, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Your air conditioning system is a crucial amenity when summer temperatures start to spike. Here are a few tips to help you keep cool while you wait for the professionals to...read more
Why Ice Forms on Air Conditioning Units, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Have you been in the middle of a heatwave and noticed that your air conditioning unit froze over? While it may sound impossible for your cooling system to freeze ...read more
e Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
AC units form condensation that typically drains away without making a mess. However, if your air conditioner leak water while it runs, various factors may be causing the i...read more
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