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How Can You Care for a Deaf Dog?, Clarksville, Maryland
Whether due to congenital defects, age, or another cause, deafness can occur in dogs just as it can in humans. Although it will require some modifications to your routine, you can still give a deaf dog a wonderful quality of life. From c...read more
A Guide to Your First Pet Adoption, Clarksville, Maryland
Bringing a new dog or cat into your home is an exciting experience, but there are many options to contemplate. You should first consider whether you want to bring home a puppy or kitten or an adult animal. You should dedicate t...read more
Downtown Columbia, MD Emergency Vets Businesses
Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Emergency Vets, Columbia, Maryland
7276 Cradlerock Way
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 995-6880
Offering comprehensive pet care and boarding services, Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia is the veterinarian of choice in Columbia, MD. For more than 30 years, their professionals have been serving the Columbia areas and are&n...
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Can Dogs Get the Common Cold?, Clarksville, Maryland
While human diseases are not typically transferrable to dogs, and you won’t be able to infect your pet with your sickness, dogs do get illnesses that are very similar to human colds....read more
A Guide to Spaying & Neutering, Clarksville, Maryland
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5 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care Services, Clarksville, Maryland
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A warm spring day is an excellent time to take your dog for a walk and encourage them to get some exercise. Unfortunately, pet clinics warn that as temperatures rise, so do...read more
What's Covered During a Pet Checkup?, Clarksville, Maryland
A yearly pet checkup with a veterinarian helps ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your four-legged companion. Most visits involve multiple parts in which various asp...read more
5 Signs Your Dog Is in Pain, Clarksville, Maryland
Dogs can’t verbally communicate their pain, so it’s up to the owner to read the signs. By recognizing when they’re hurting, you can take them to a pet clinic for treatment as so...read more
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There’s a furry friend out there for everyone. Even if you've never had a pet before, there's sure to be at least one cat or dog who will steal your heart. If you’re still on the fen...read more
A Guide to Walking Your Dog in the Winter, Clarksville, Maryland
As temperatures cool and snow begins to fall, you may be less excited about taking your furry friend out for a walk. However, with some helpful tips, like contacting your p...read more
4 Amazing Facts About a Dog's Sense of Smell, Clarksville, Maryland
Any pet owner knows all too well that dogs smell everything. From your neighbor’s mailbox to the living room carpet, these furry friends spend much of the day with their noses on the...read more
How to Care for Your Aging Pet, Clarksville, Maryland
Pets are members of the family, and it’s important to provide them with a comfortable life, particularly as they grow older. To prepare you for the potential health-related challenge...read more
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