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A Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Cars, Lihue, Hawaii
For many people, a car is a necessary part of life, so needing auto repairs can be costly and inconvenient. Performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle will extend its life span and help you avoid needing to visit a mechanic unex...read more
4 Questions About Tire Rotation Answered, Lihue, Hawaii
How well a tire’s tread grips the road depends on how often rotation is performed. When a mechanic provides routine tire rotation, the tread will be exposed to the same conditions to wear evenly, which, in turn, improves traction fo...read more
Kauai, HI Tire Rims Businesses
Tire Warehouse Kauai, Tire Rims, Auto Repair, Tires, Lihue, Hawaii
3028 Aukele St
Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 245-6754
Your tires are an integral part of your vehicle; they help keep you safe on the road and can also impact the performance of your car’s other components. Because of this, the professionals from Tire Warehouse Kauai in Lihue, HI, offe...
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3 Tips for Choosing New Tire Rims, Lihue, Hawaii
Whether you need to replace a damaged rim or just want to change up the look of your car, you’ll need to consider many factors when purchasing new tire rims. While you’re likely thin...read more
3 Signs You Need New Tires, Lihue, Hawaii
As a vehicle owner, you must replace your worn-out tires periodically to keep your car functional and safe. But how can you tell when it’s time for an upgrade? The followin...read more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Changes, Lihue, Hawaii
Following a routine oil change schedule keeps your car operating safely and reduces the risk of breakdowns or unanticipated auto repairs. Though this is part of routine maintenance, ...read more
Vehicle Safety Checks on Hold During Coronavirus Orders, Lihue, Hawaii
Due to the state’s current stay-at-home orders, Tire Warehouse Kauai and other local auto repair shops are placing all vehicle safety checks on hold to protect public health. Fortuna...read more
Take Better Care of Your Brakes With These Do’s & Don’ts, Lihue, Hawaii
While much of your car’s condition rides on the way you handle auto maintenance needs, your driving habits can also have a direct effect on its internal parts, especially the braking...read more
What You Should Know About Your Car's Muffler, Lihue, Hawaii
There are countless parts required to keep your car running properly, from the tires to the transmission. One of these components is the muffler, which is essential to the health of ...read more
3 Noises Brakes Make When They Need Service, Lihue, Hawaii
The brakes get worn out over time, making it more difficult to slow down while driving and increasing the chance of an accident. Luckily, there are many ways to know when it’s time t...read more
What to Know About the Tire Pressure Dashboard Light, Lihue, Hawaii
A car is equipped with multiple light signals to tell the driver that something is about to malfunction in the vehicle. If these warning signs are ignored, the issue will worsen...read more
How to Avoid Hydroplaning During the Rainy Season, Lihue, Hawaii
If you’ve skidded while driving on wet roads, you’ve experienced hydroplaning. This occurs when a layer of rainwater gets between the tires and the road, causing drivers to...read more
3 Causes of Uneven Tire Wear, Lihue, Hawaii
Tires wear over time, so you should inspect yours regularly to ensure they’re still safe to use. Uneven wear, in particular, can point to specific issues that are often easy to corre...read more
4 Tips to Prevent Your Tires From Blowing Out, Lihue, Hawaii
A tire blowout is one of the most dangerous problems a driver can face, especially when the car is in motion. A blown-out tire significantly decreases your control, which makes accid...read more
3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tires, Lihue, Hawaii
When it comes to auto maintenance, one of the most critical tasks is switching out your tires once they've started to show signs of wear and tear. After all, since they keep you safe...read more
FAQs About Tire Care, Lihue, Hawaii
When you invest in new tires for your vehicle, you want them to last as long as possible. The right maintenance can help you protect your investment and avoid major issues on the roa...read more
3 Warning Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment , Lihue, Hawaii
Poor wheel alignment affects gas mileage, tire tread, and safety. Faulty alignment indicates that there’s an issue with the vehicle’s suspension system. A properly aligned system ens...read more
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