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What's the Difference Between Souvlaki & Gyros?, New York, New York
Souvlaki and gyros are both beloved Greek foods that are hearty enough to fulfill any cravings. However, there are some key differences between these popular dishes. Use this guide to decide if you’re in the mood for souvlaki or gyros more
4 Refreshing Greek Foods to Try When It's Hot Out, New York, New York
During summer weather, many people’s eating habits change to compensate for the heat outside. Luckily for fans of Greek food, there are a variety of traditional meals that are both refreshing and satisfying on more
New York, NY Greek Restaurants Businesses
Yia Yia's- Homemade Greek Food, Restaurants, Greek Restaurants, New York, New York
404 E 69th Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 452-1210
For top quality Greek food served with Mediterranean-style friendliness and flavor, in-the-know residents of New York, NY, head to Yia Yia's- Homemade Greek Food. Offering great food at affordable prices, this local favorite offers ...
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4 Delicious Vegetarian Greek Foods to Try, New York, New York
Whether you’re a vegetarian or just want to eat less meat, it can sometimes be challenging to find dishes you can enjoy. Fortunately, Greek food is delicious, a bit more
What Is the Difference Between Gyros & Shawarma?, New York, New York
Enter a traditional Greek food restaurant and you’re likely to take in the tantalizing aroma of marinated pork or lamb that’s stemming from either a gyro or shawarma. While these more
An Introduction to Moussaka, New York, New York
If you’re unfamiliar with Greek food, you may be unaware of a popular dish called moussaka. However, even those who enjoy it may not know its history more
A Short History of Spanakopita, New York, New York
Spanakopita has been a staple of Greek food for thousands of years. This tasty spinach and feta pie is often served as an appetizer, but it makes a filling meal as well. Whether you more
3 Reasons You Should Try New Foods, New York, New York
Think back to the first time you tasted your favorite dish — before the first bite, you had no idea you’d enjoy it so much. Not only is trying new foods a fun adventure, more
3 Health Benefits of Greek Food, New York, New York
Greek food is widely popular in countries all over the world. Its vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients create a delicious and unique culinary experience. People are often surprised more
3 Staples of Ancient Greek Cuisine, New York, New York
Ancient Greece remains one of the most storied periods in human history. It was an age of enlightenment. Philosophers like Plato and Aristotle questioned humanity’s place more
3 Ways Avgolemono Soup Keeps You Healthy in the Winter, New York, New York
Winter might be the season for snowball fights, but for many people, it also means fighting the flu, a cold, or sniffles that won’t go away. The cold weather and lack of sunlight more
A Guide to the Evolution of Greek Food, New York, New York
Ancient Greek culture is the cornerstone of many modern societies, and its influences are still felt today. Similarly, Greek food has stood the test of time more
A Short Guide to Feta Cheese, New York, New York
When you think of Greek food, what comes to mind? Perhaps, it’s dishes made with plenty of olive oil, lamb, fresh vegetables, and of course, feta cheese. While many people more
3 Health Benefits of Olive Oil, New York, New York
Whether you are dipping bread or cooking vegetables, olive oil is a delicious component of the Mediterranean diet. Greek food, in particular, is rich in olive oil, and this more
5 Dishes to Try if You’re New to Greek Cuisine, New York, New York
If you’re thinking of trying Greek cuisine for the first time, you might not be sure where to begin. This type of diverse food offers meat, seafood, and vegetable more
3 Health Benefits of Garlic, New York, New York
Garlic, an allium vegetable, is a popular ingredient in Greek cuisine and has been since ancient times. When you eat dishes containing raw or cooked fresh garlic, you also reap more
3 Reasons to Have Your Next Business Meeting Catered, New York, New York
If you’re planning an important business meeting and want to turn it into something employees will look forward to, one simple yet effective approach is to have it catered. A meal more
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