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Kleveland Law Offices, Law Firms, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Divorce Law, Lincoln, Nebraska
421 S 9th St Suite 215
Lincoln, NE 68508-2283
Since its founding by Jeanelle S. Kleveland in 1984, Kleveland Law Offices has become one of the most respected law firms in Lincoln, NE, offering high-quality services in an array of practice areas. Whether you're going through a divorc...
Grafton Law Office, Defense Attorneys, Attorneys, Law Firms, Aurora, Nebraska
1125 12th Street, Suite A
Aurora, NE 68818
Looming legal issues can be overwhelming and extremely stressful, and attempting to rectify them without the counsel of a qualified attorney may affect the outcome of your case. Grafton Law Office provides a wide range of legal services ...
Reed Law Offices , Legal Services, Law Firms, Elder Abuse Law, Omaha, Nebraska
3032 S 87th
Omaha, NE 68124
(402) 933-0588
The Reed Law Offices PC, LLC represent clients in cases involving serious elder abuse. When you or a loved one has suffered because of the neglect of nursing home staff  an aggressive and experienced nursing home abuse attorney ...
5 Tips for Preparing for Divorce as a Stay-At-Home Parent, Lincoln, Nebraska
Getting divorced when kids are involved requires you to figure out added issues like child custody. If you are a stay-at-home parent, the situation becomes more complicated as more
What to Know About Malnutrition in Nursing Homes, Omaha, Nebraska
Nursing homes are supposed to provide around-the-clock care. As such, it’s reasonable to assume your aging loved one will not suffer from malnutrition or dehydration as long as more
How Bed Sores Are Connected to Nursing Home Abuse, Omaha, Nebraska
When you entrust your loved one to a retirement care facility, you do so under the assumption they will take the best possible care of them. As such, if you find out your more
A Brief Guide to Teen Emancipation, Lincoln, Nebraska
Until the age of 18, minors are under the legal guardianship of their parents or other relatives. There are certain situations, however, when it’s in a teen’s best interest to more
3 Factors to Consider When Establishing Guardianship for Your Children, Lincoln, Nebraska
Knowing your children will be taken care of should something happen to you can provide considerable peace of mind. One of the most crucial aspects of planning for all more
What to Know About Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes, Omaha, Nebraska
Emotional nursing home abuse is more difficult to define and recognize than physical abuse, but it is illegal and harmful all the same. If you have a relative in a long-term more
What Can a Senior Living Consultant Do for My Family?, Omaha, Nebraska
If you’re concerned about aging—or you want to help an elderly loved one thrive—a senior living consultant can help. These professionals advise aging individuals and their more
Medication Errors That Can Occur in Nursing Homes, Omaha, Nebraska
When you move an elderly loved one into a nursing home, it’s with the assumption that he or she will receive quality care. At the end of the day, though, nursing home abuse is a more
A Guide to Handling Social Media During Divorce Proceedings, Lincoln, Nebraska
Divorce can be one of life’s most turbulent, emotionally stressful experiences, so it’s natural to want to share details of your situation with friends and family members. However, more
Overmedication in Nursing Homes: What Everyone Needs to Know, Omaha, Nebraska
Whether as a result of neglect or intentional abuse, overmedication in nursing homes is surprisingly common. By some estimates, thousands of patients are subjected to medical more
What All Parents Should Know About Teens & Shoplifting, Lincoln, Nebraska
Teens are known to act out on occasion. However, those who steal from retail stores face serious penalties in juvenile court. With roughly 25% of all shoplifting being more
When Can a Minor Be Charged as an Adult in Nebraska?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When a minor is accused of a criminal offense, the case will typically be tried in juvenile court as a civil matter, with penalties intended to correct their behavior before they more
5 Tips for Preventing Bed Sores in Bedridden Patients, Omaha, Nebraska
Bed sores are a frequent cause of discomfort for the elderly, especially those that are bedridden. They develop when too much pressure is applied to the skin for an extended period more
A Guide to Child Custody & Visitation, Lincoln, Nebraska
If the family court decides that a shared custody arrangement is not in a child’s best interests, they will usually award primary custody to one parent and grant visitation rights more
How to Spot Signs of Nursing Home Neglect, Omaha, Nebraska
If an elderly loved one resides in a nursing home, the last thing you want to hear is that they’re being neglected or abused. A parent or relative may be reluctant or even afraid to more
Differences Between Guardianship & Custody, Lincoln, Nebraska
Both guardianship and child custody deal with the legalities of who has the right to care for and make decisions regarding a minor. As a result, the two terms are often confused. more