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Can Solar Panels Hold Up During a Hurricane?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Solar panels are generally installed on roofs, so they need to be equipped to withstand the elements. This includes extreme weather like hurricanes. With hurricane season well underway in Hawaii, many local homeowners may be wondering more
How Solar Batteries Help During Hurricane Season, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many homeowners in Hawaii use solar power systems because they provide renewable alternative energy all year long. If you use solar panels to power your home, it’s worthwhile to install a solar battery as well since it’s more
Kaneohe, HI Solar Hot Water Systems Businesses
Solar Help Hawaii, Solar Panels, Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Electricity Services, Honolulu, Hawaii
922 Austin Lane, Building B1
Honolulu, HI 96817
Located in Honolulu, Solar Help Hawaii is a community-based alternative energy business specializing in solar panels and other solar energy systems. They view their clients as part of their ohana, and are dedicated to saving them money o...
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Shining Light on 5 Facts About Solar Energy, Honolulu, Hawaii
Comprised of photovoltaic cells, solar panels capture the heat of sunlight and convert it into renewable power. While the green benefits of this technology are easy to more
How to Keep Birds Away From Solar Panels, Honolulu, Hawaii
Rooftop solar panels make attractive hideaways for birds, providing shelter from the afternoon sun and protection from predators. Unfortunately, bird nests and droppings can damage more
A Guide to Attic Ventilation, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you live in an area with an especially warm climate, your attic may be making your home hotter. Fortunately, proper ventilation methods like a solar attic fan or fans and vents more
3 Ways to Make a New Home Energy-Efficient, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you're building a custom home, using alternative energy sources, such as solar power, and other eco-friendly measures will help you save money and reduce your carbon more
How Are Solar Panels Made?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Solar panels are an innovative and revolutionary invention that helps homeowners harness the sun’s energy. As manufacturing processes become more efficient, panel more
How to Use Your Solar Panels More Efficiently, Honolulu, Hawaii
Investing in solar panels will reduce your reliance on energy from a power company and help your household become more eco-friendly. To get the most out of the system, more
When Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way to reduce your annual electricity costs. However, the upkeep can often be confusing for new users. Use the guide below to learn more
4 FAQ About the Hawaii Solar Tax Credit, Honolulu, Hawaii
Solar panels provide a renewable source of energy that can power the entire home. Along with saving money on your electric bill, a tax credit is available to help with the more
What Determines Whether Your Roof Will Support Solar Panels?, Honolulu, Hawaii
From reducing your carbon footprint to increasing your monthly savings, there are plenty of reasons to embrace solar energy. However, just because you’re ready to bring more
Does a Solar Water Heater Still Work When It’s Not Sunny?, Honolulu, Hawaii
A solar water heater can help homeowners cut back on their use of electricity and natural gas while still enjoying full access to hot water, no matter the weather outside. more
3 Ways to Make a Pool More Energy-Efficient, Honolulu, Hawaii
Your swimming pool provides exercise, relaxation, and a refreshing respite on hot sunny days, but when it comes to maintenance and utility bills, owning one can also be costly. more
A Guide to Solar Power & Rainy Weather, Honolulu, Hawaii
As people are increasingly concerned with environmental conservation, solar panels are becoming more popular. This form of alternative energy can power your home without using your more
3 Factors to Consider for Solar Panel Pool Heaters, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, you may want to consider solar panel a pool heater. This device doesn’t just save energy cost—it also keeps your pool more
Is a Permit Required to Install Solar Panels?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Putting solar panels on your house can save money in the long-run by offsetting electricity costs. As with most types of additions, obtaining a construction permit to add solar more
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