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5 Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure, Thomasville, North Carolina
Low water pressure can make washing your hair, cooking, or even filling up the sink into time-consuming, annoying ordeals. While some causes of low water pressure are fairly simple to fix, in some cases, it may indicate serious...read more
4 Signs It’s Time for a New Well Pump, Thomasville, North Carolina
Having a well on your property offers many advantages. It ensures consistent access to clean water without the need for an extra monthly bill. Yet, as with any feature on your property, the well pump will eventually need to be repla...read more
Thomasville, NC Water Heater Repairs Businesses
Baity Plumbing Co. , Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Repairs, Plumbing, Thomasville, North Carolina
(336) 475-0921
Back in 1976, Baity Plumbing Co. started as a small family-owned business intent on offering property owners in Thomasville, NC, reliable and affordable plumbing services. Over 40 years later, Baity Plumbing is a well-established an...
Bohannon’s Plumbing & General Repairs, Remodeling Contractors, Water Heater Repairs, Plumbers, Thomasville, North Carolina
(336) 561-9444
Having a plumber who fully understands the issues you’re experiencing and can determine an effective solution is essential to maintaining a clean and functional home or business. That’s why the professionals at Bohannon’s Plumbing & ...
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3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Running, Thomasville, North Carolina
A constantly running toilet isn’t just an annoyance; it can also waste tons of water and increase your utility bills. If you’ve noticed that your toilet doesn’t stop running after ea...read more
3 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning, Thomasville, North Carolina
A clog inside your drain may be hidden away out of sight, but it can cause devastating damage if it is left alone for too long. Fortunately, blockages will be noticeable with some cl...read more
3 Steps to Take When Your Toilet Overflows, Thomasville, North Carolina
Few plumbing issues are more concerning than watching toilet water slowly rise toward the seat. As water spills over and onto your flooring, it can create a number of complicati...read more
3 Signs Your Main Sewer Line Is Broken, Thomasville, North Carolina
Your main sewer line receives all the solid and liquid waste coming from your plumbing fixtures. Over time, it can get clogged for various reasons. Oil and solid waste...read more
4 Factors to Consider for Accessible Bathroom Remodeling, Thomasville, North Carolina
These days, more and more homes are being renovated to accommodate for people who are wheelchair-bound or have mobility challenges. Bathrooms are one of the most used areas of your h...read more
3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair, Thomasville, North Carolina
You rely on hot water every day for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. However, many homeowners don’t spend time thinking about the hot water heater until it breaks down. Lear...read more
A Guide to Real Estate Due Diligence, Thomasville, North Carolina
Investing in real estate is a major decision. You want to rest assured the property you’re purchasing is worthwhile, whether you’re looking for a family home or commercial prope...read more
5 Items to Never Put Down Your Drain, Thomasville, North Carolina
Certain chemicals and items can damage your plumbing system and result in costly maintenance repairs and clogged drains. As such, you need to monitor what you put down your drai...read more
3 Tips for Prevent Plumbing Issues During the Holidays, Thomasville, North Carolina
When you’re hosting a holiday party for family and friends, you don’t want to tackle a plumbing problem. Calling a plumber to fix a leaky toilet or clogged sink can put a damper on y...read more
3 Signs Your Water Heater Is Malfunctioning, Thomasville, North Carolina
Your water heater is one of your hardest-working appliances. It provides hot water for showers, washing dishes, and cleaning clothes. This frequent use causes eventual ...read more
How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter, Thomasville, North Carolina
Plumbing systems are often vulnerable to winter weather. The last thing you want to deal with on a particularly cold day is an expensive and time-consuming repair appointment. K...read more
4 Ways to Prepare Plumbing for Winter, Thomasville, North Carolina
If you live in a region with extreme cold snaps, you’re probably familiar with the problem of frozen or burst pipes. One broken pipe can spill several gallons of water into your home...read more
3 Ways to Winterize Your Home's Plumbing System, Thomasville, North Carolina
In the middle of the holiday season, the last thing you’ll want to do is call an emergency plumber. However, when a pipe freezes and bursts, this may be your only choice. Instead of ...read more
Why You Shouldn't Flush "Flushable" Wipes, Thomasville, North Carolina
If you’ve ever had to call the plumber for a clogged drain, you know what a hassle it can be, especially if you have an old house or a home with a septic system. For this reason, you...read more
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