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Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Contact Lenses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Since contact lenses are in direct contact with your eyes, it’s important to be meticulous about their care. Your optometrist will provide instructions when they’re first given to you, and sticking to these directions will help...read more
Why Eye Doctors Recommend Sunglasses Even During the Winter, Fairbanks, Alaska
Many people leave their sunglasses securely in their cases until summer arrives. However, eye doctors suggest you wear sunglasses outdoors all year long — even amid the ice, cold, and gray of winter. Especially in a snowy clima...read more
Fairbanks North Star, AK Eye Exams Businesses
West Valley Vision Center       , Optometrists, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Fairbanks, Alaska
4169 Geist Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 479-4700
You rely on your eyes every day. To keep them their strongest and healthiest, you need specialized, quality care. The expert optometrists at West Valley Vision Center in Fairbanks, AK, provide the vital care you and your eyes deserve. T...
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Eye Doctor's 3 Tips for Naturally Improving Vision, Fairbanks, Alaska
Along with quality vision care provided by an eye doctor, there are steps you can take to improve your vision naturally. The West Valley Vision Center of Fairbanks, AK, urges local p...read more
An Optometrist Lists 3 Common Winter Allergies That Affect Your Eyes, Fairbanks, Alaska
Even though most plants aren’t blooming and producing pollen in the winter, you can still experience allergies during the cold months. Allergens at any time of the year can irri...read more
Are You Experiencing Digital Eye Strain? Optometrist Shares Symptoms, Fairbanks, Alaska
Although the digital age has brought with it countless benefits, there are a few major drawbacks. One drawback that everyone can agree on is digital eyestrain. Even those who do not ...read more
Get a New Look Next Year With Brand-New Prescription Glasses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Got vision insurance and aren’t sure how to use it? Consider getting a new pair of prescription glasses before year’s end. The team at West Valley Vision Center can help you find a g...read more
Optometrist Explains the Effects of UV Rays On Your Eyes, Fairbanks, Alaska
Your eyes are sensitive, and various factors can negatively affect them. UV rays are one of the most common factors, and many people aren’t aware of the damage they can cause. The st...read more
Optometrist Discusses How Pregnancy Changes Vision, Fairbanks, Alaska
Morning sickness, fatigue, and back pain are common symptoms you expect to experience during pregnancy. But one of the lesser known potential side effects is impaired vision. The fri...read more
Eye Doctor Explains How Smoking Impacts Your Vision, Fairbanks, Alaska
You probably already know that smoking is bad for your dental, respiratory, and cardiovascular health, but your eye doctor wants you to know that cigarettes and related tobacco produ...read more
4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Fashion Glasses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Whether you want to update your look or add to your collection of prescription frames, fashionable glasses can complement your style and turn heads. The experts at West Val...read more
Fairbanks Eye Doctors Discuss 3 Types of Eye Infections, Fairbanks, Alaska
Going to the eye doctor is crucial to your health and well-being. Not only can it ensure your vision is fine and get you the prescription you need, but it can also ensure you don’t r...read more
An Eye Doctor on 3 Great Tips for Dealing With Allergies, Fairbanks, Alaska
Allergies can be a pain, especially when they cause itching and watery eyes. In this case, the friendly and knowledgeable eye doctors at West Valley Vision Center in Fairba...read more
Ask Your Optometrist About these 5 Sunglass Styles, Fairbanks, Alaska
How long have you had your current sunglasses? If it’s been more than a year or two, it might be time to go to your optometrist to update your prescription—and see your optician to u...read more
Why Getting Routine Eye Exams Becomes More Crucial as You Age, Fairbanks, Alaska
Having regular eye exams is always a good idea, but they become more important as you get older. Having an annual eye exam will ensure many eyesight issues are either avoid...read more
5 Tips to Help Contact Lens Wearers Apply Makeup Safely, Fairbanks, Alaska
Anyone who has used mascara knows applying makeup can be tricky, especially if you wear contact lenses. It’s still safe to wear makeup if you rely on this vision correction method, b...read more
Fairbanks Eye Doctors Explain the Importance of UV Protection , Fairbanks, Alaska
Most people know how to protect their skin from ultraviolet rays, but they might not think about protecting their eyes from them. The eye doctors at West Valley Vision Center in Fair...read more
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