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5 Reasons to Call an Ant Control Expert, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
One of the most common problems homeowners experience is an ant infestation. While you may be tempted to get rid of the problem yourself, it’s best to leave the extermination to an ant control specialist. At Akamai Pest Solutions, more
What to Expect During an Appointment for Termite Control, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Your property is a delicious buffet in the eyes of a hungry horde of termites, and termite control is the only effective way to save your home or business. Akamai Pest Solutions has been a trusted pest control service on the Big Island more
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Akamai Pest Solutions, Home Inspection, Real Estate Inspections, Pest Control and Exterminating, Pahoa, Hawaii
(888) 819-5195
Akamai Pest Solutions LLC is a locally owned and operated business, serving clients throughout Big Island and Maui since 2003. If you're looking for excellent pest control service and a people-friendly approach, then you've come to the r...
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3 Pest Control Benefits of Orange Oil Vs. Tent Fumigation, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Orange oil is an eco-friendly pest control treatment that can be used to effectively eliminate drywood termite infestation. Orange oil combats nearly every type of household pest more
3 Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Company, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Pest control is a crucial and necessary part of keeping any home and business well maintained and in good working order. While no one wants to think about bugs in their home, it’s more
Ask a Termite Control Expert: What Are Termites?, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Most people know termites to be a hassle, but you might not know much else about these pests. Luckily, the termite control professionals at Akamai Pest Solutions in more
A Pest Control Service Explains That Termites Actually Do Eat Wood, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
When it comes to dealing with pest control problems, termites can be incredibly intimidating to homeowners. In addition to being difficult to spot, many homeowners wonder whether or more
How Long Do Termites Live? Get the Facts From Hawaii's Best Pest Exterminators, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
One of the most insidious threats that pest exterminators face is termites. These insects can compromise the integrity of wood in your home, and they live longer than you might more
Termite Control Basics: Can Termites Infiltrate Concrete?, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Have you noticed small holes in your walls, light noises coming from inside your home, or sagging beams? Chances are, you have a termite infestation on your hands. Dealing with more
DIY Vs. Professional Roach Control: Oahu’s Pest Control Experts Explain, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Roaches make for unwelcome guests in your home. While you may see one of these pests from time to time, infestations are a serious concern. You can perform roach control& more
Learn How Long it Takes Drywood & Subterranean Termites to Destroy a House, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
When you are battling termites, it’s best to learn as much as possible so you will know how to prevent their invasion. Based in Pahoa, HI, Akamai Pest Solutions has been Maui’s more
Termite Extermination Experts Share 3 Reasons for Home Buyers to Get an Inspection, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
If you are ready to buy a new home, Akamai Pest Solutions in Pahoa, HI, recommends getting a termite inspection first. According to these pest control experts, taking time to more
3 Causes of Ant Infestations From Hawaii’s Ant Control Experts, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Seeing the occasional ant crawling around your kitchen isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but if that seemingly lonesome houseguest came from a colony living inside your walls, more
5 Steps to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment From Pahoa’s Pest Control Experts, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but the pest control experts at Akamai Pest Solutions in Pahoa, HI, can safely and efficiently eliminate these insects more
3 Warning Signs You Need Ant Control Treatment, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Tourists aren’t the only ones to flock to Hawaii’s beautiful islands. The warm and moist climate also attracts a variety of pests, including ants. Akamai Pest Solutions more
3 Reasons Why Roach Control Is Essential for Hawaii Homeowners, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
When cockroaches have invaded your home, it is a stressful and potentially harmful experience. The roach control experts at Akamai Pest Solutions inform their clients that more
3 Signs of Drywood Termites From Hawaii’s Pest Control Experts, Pahoa-Kalapana, Hawaii
Termites are a property owner’s worst nightmare. Once they take up residence inside a building, these wood-eating insects can cause serious damages that often amount to costly more
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