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How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth, Honolulu, Hawaii
Cats must maintain healthy teeth and gums to avoid issues such as cavities and infections. In addition to routine visits to the veterinarian, you’ll need to practice good dental hygiene habits for your cat at home. Here is a guide more
3 Reasons to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean, Honolulu, Hawaii
Your dog's dental hygiene is an important part of their overall health. Proper oral care includes brushing their teeth at home or taking them into your veterinarian for a professional cleaning. For several reasons, many pet owners might more
Manoa, HI Veterinarians Businesses
The Pet Clinic, Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Honolulu, Hawaii
1947 S. Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
The Pet Clinic practices veterinary medicine on the beautiful island of Oahu with a vision to improve the lives of all pets who enter. Based in Honolulu and using all of the latest advances in the field, their skill in medicine is as hi...
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5 New Kitten Pet Care Tips, Honolulu, Hawaii
You probably know that you should take your new kitten to a veterinarian for a checkup, but what about after that? It’s understandable if you feel a little more
Does My Dog Have Allergies?, Honolulu, Hawaii
An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to a particular substance. Like people, animals can experience allergic reactions, too. Here’s more information about pet more
4 Common Question About Pet Allergies, Honolulu, Hawaii
Allergies affect many humans, and you may be unaware that your pet can have allergic reactions, as well. Pet allergies are more common than you think, and diagnosing them can be more
The Comprehensive Guide to Rabbit Care, Honolulu, Hawaii
Despite their small size and quiet nature, rabbits are naturally sociable and make excellent companions. However, rabbit care is often misunderstood, so first-time owners more
3 Common Dog Diseases & How to Identify Them, Honolulu, Hawaii
Like humans, pets can get sick, too. Many diseases are progressive, and when caught early, they can be treated effectively by a veterinarian. As an owner, it’s imperative to more
4 Effective Ways to Minimize Dog Shedding, Honolulu, Hawaii
Pets are a beloved part of the family, but when you experience allergies, excessive shedding can result in daily sneezing fits and itchy, watery eyes. Thankfully, there are a few more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Fourth of July Pet Safety, Honolulu, Hawaii
Independence Day calls for delicious food, celebration, and festive fireworks. Unfortunately, your pet may not be so thrilled about the noise. Veterinarians recommend that pet more
How to Care For Your Pet Bird, Honolulu, Hawaii
Just like cats and dogs, birds offer emotional support and companionship. If you recently adopted a feathery friend, it’s essential to practice proper bird care to ensure more
3 Tips for Walking Your Cat, Honolulu, Hawaii
Walking your pet doesn’t have to be a luxury exclusive to dog people. Cat owners can also take their animals out for walks to bond with them, let them explore the outdoors safely, more
How to Get Your Cat to Like Water, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many owners struggle to bathe their cat. While cats don’t hate water altogether, they do dislike being doused in it. According to veterinarians, there are many more
3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Rabbit, Honolulu, Hawaii
Rabbits make cute, charming pets, and adopting one can be fun and rewarding. However, if you don’t have much experience with rabbit care, you might not know how to get your home more
3 Things to Know About Bird Care Before You Adopt a Feathered Friend, Honolulu, Hawaii
Birds can be a rewarding pet and companion in many households, but they’re not for everybody. Before adopting a bird, it’s important to understand what you’ll need to put into the more
3 Common Diseases in Pet Birds, Honolulu, Hawaii
Birds are wonderful companions, but like any other animal, they’re susceptible to diseases. To protect your bird, it’s important to be well-informed about the various diseases, more
3 Tips to Keep Pets Safe This Halloween, Honolulu, Hawaii
Halloween is a holiday the entire family can enjoy, including four-legged members. Maybe you found a cute costume for your dog to wear or want some photos of your black more
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