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Do's & Don'ts of Dressing a Pet for Halloween, Hilton, New York
Halloween is a beloved tradition, so many families choose to involve their pets. Although your dog or cat might look cute dressed as your favorite character, pet health and safety should always be priorities. Review the tips below more
5 Household Products Toxic to Cats & Dogs, Fairport, New York
Many household items contain ingredients that pose risks to animals. Life-threatening poisoning can occur when pets ingest these items at high doses, so take your furry friend to a veterinarian if you notice more
Monroe, NY Veterinarians Businesses
Hilton Veterinary Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Hilton, New York
251 East Ave
Hilton, NY 14468
(585) 392-2937
Hilton Veterinary Hospital has been providing warm, affordable, quality care to beloved pets for more than 25 years. Serving residents of Monroe County, NY, and the surrounding areas, Hilton Veterinary Hospital is a state-of-the-art anim...
Fairport Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services, Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, Fairport, New York
117 N Main
Fairport, NY 14450
(585) 388-1070
Fairport Animal Hospital in Fairport, NY, is a veterinarian clinic that serves dogs, cats, small animals, birds, and exotic pets. The animal clinic’s services include surgery, nursing care, dental cleaning, and state-of-the-art diagnosti...
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Can Dogs Catch Colds?, Hilton, New York
With the arrival of fall, many people are starting to prepare for cold and flu season. Viruses and bacteria also have effects on pet health, so don’t leave your furry more
How to Tell If Your Cat Is Overweight, Hilton, New York
Obesity is a significant pet health problem for all breeds. Cats are especially prone to becoming overweight because they love to eat and live relatively inactive more
A Guide to Heartworm Disease in Dogs, Fairport, New York
Heartworm disease is common in pets. Dogs are more susceptible because they are often outdoors, where the mosquitoes that transmit the condition are more active. Luckily, more
A Guide to Trimming a Cat's Claws, Hilton, New York
Providing nutritious food and making sure their litter boxes are clean keep your cat healthy and happy. Another aspect of pet health involves trimming their claws. more
3 Reasons to Schedule Regular Pet Wellness Exams, Hilton, New York
Pet wellness exams should occur twice a year. Bringing a range of benefits, they include full physical checkups, vaccinations, and dental care. The following guide more
3 Ways to Get a Cat to Drink Enough Water, Fairport, New York
Like all living beings, cats need water to remain in good health. However, many felines don’t feel thirst and forget to drink throughout the day. Some even require care from& more
3 Reasons Dental Care Is Important for Dogs, Hilton, New York
Maintaining your dog’s teeth helps keep them comfortable. Just as important as scheduling annual pet health exams and providing nutritious meals, dental care protects your more
3 Diet Tips for Potbelly Pigs, Fairport, New York
A potbelly pig is an adorable, precious pet for the right household. As a smart, clean, hypoallergenic, and highly trainable animal, a pig provides years of more
How to Take Care of your Pregnant Cat, Hilton, New York
To stay knowledgable about pet health, you should know the signs and symptoms of the reproduction cycle. It’s important to know how to guide your cat through “queening”, or the more
3 Reasons Why Hamsters Make Excellent First Pets for Kids, Fairport, New York
Pets teach children responsibility and make reliable friends. If you’re considering getting your child an animal, pick one they can easily handle with your help. Many more
Can Dogs Be Vegan?, Hilton, New York
If you adhere to a vegan diet, you might want to extend that diet to all members of your home, even your dog. Vegan dog foods are available, but before you start your pup on a more
A Introduction to Parakeets as Pets , Fairport, New York
Birds are popular as pets. Parakeets are the smallest of the parrot species, and with adequate care from avian veterinarians, they live for up to 14 years. Before you more
Can Cats Get Nauseous?, Hilton, New York
You do everything in your power to care for your cat. A lot of love, food, and plenty of attention can go a long way in providing your feline with a full life. Sometimes, more
4 FAQ About Pet Snakes, Fairport, New York
If you're looking for an unusual, fascinating, and beautiful pet, a snake may be the right choice. While you can't train them like a dog, they're interesting to watch and play with. more
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