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5 Reasons Your Cat Stops Using the Litter Box, Lincoln, Nebraska
When your cat suddenly stops using the litter box, it’s frustrating. A cats’ instinct is to bury their waste, so when they start going to the bathroom in other places, it’s important to pay attention. Although the reason may be more
Do’s & Don’ts for Relieving Your Dog's Fear of the Vet, Lincoln, Nebraska
One of the greatest challenges of taking your dog to a veterinary clinic is keeping them calm. Even for the most well-behaved dogs, the sight of a stranger holding a needle can be overwhelmingly scary. To help these appointments go more
Lincoln, NE Veterinarians Businesses
All Feline Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
2300 S 48th St , Ste 3
Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 467-2711
If your feline friend needs to visit the veterinarian for their annual exam or even for treatment for an infection, bring them to All Feline Hospital. Located in Lincoln, NE, these veterinarians and vet techs are always available to help...
Capitol Animal Clinic, Pet Medicine, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
633 N 66th St
Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 464-1382
Your pet is an important member of your family, and when you need to take them to a veterinarian, you want to make sure it’s someone who will treat them with the care and attention they deserve. The team at Capitol Animal Clinic in Linco...
Yankee Hill Veterinary Hospital, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
2829 Jamie Ln
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 421-8111
The vet may never be your pet’s favorite place to go, which is why it’s important to work with a clinic staffed by caring and compassionate individuals dedicated to ensuring your pet has a positive experience. As a full-service pet hospi...
Parkview Animal Hospital, Pet Care, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
1300 Infinity Ct.
Lincoln, NE 68512
(402) 423-6939
Your animal’s health is important to you and your family, but finding a flexible animal clinic can be difficult. Through walk-in examinations and state-of-the-art technology, the skilled veterinarians at Parkview Animal Hospital offer cl...
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Do’s & Don’ts of Having an Outdoor Cat, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you have an adventurous cat that loves to spend time outdoors, you’ll have to provide special care. They’re exposed to a number of health and safety risks indoor cats aren’t. more
How to Choose an Apartment-Friendly Dog Breed, Lincoln, Nebraska
Don’t let your apartment living situation hold you back from introducing a furry family member to your home. By doing a little research, you will find the perfect dog breed for your more
Top 3 Reasons to Visit Your Vet for Flea & Tick Prevention, Lincoln, Nebraska
Fleas and ticks can be difficult to get rid of once they latch onto your pet. Thankfully, a veterinarian can enact proper preventative health measures to ensure your pet’s more
Can Cats Be Friends With Dogs? , Lincoln, Nebraska
If you already have a cat, you may assume you can’t get a dog as well. After all, dogs and cats don’t get along—or do they? While you might consider these animals mortal enemies, more
Why Does My Cat Act So Strangely?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Having a feline companion is rewarding and enjoyable, but there are also some strange moments that come with having a cat. For example, cats are notorious for some odd behaviors. more
4 Reasons to Get a Second Dog, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dogs are pack animals—and while they may be thrilled by their human family, that doesn’t mean they wouldn't love a brother or sister to run around with. Some families may worry more
What Are Nebraska's Laws in Regards to Pets?, Lincoln, Nebraska
A crucial part of pet ownership is knowing local laws—and Nebraska has a number to familiarize yourself with. These range from how many you can have to how often they must more
What to Know About Cancer in Pets, Lincoln, Nebraska
Just like cancer is a big fear for many people, it can also be a concern for animals and the humans that love them—in fact, dogs get it at the same rate as people do. Similarly, more
What to Look for in a Cat Carrier, Lincoln, Nebraska
Unlike dogs, cats tend to be homebodies. For example, most cat owners don’t take their feline friends hiking, and most cats are probably happy to stay home. Even if your more
3 Tricks to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture, Lincoln, Nebraska
Replacing frayed furniture is a common annoyance for many cat owners. Felines scratch at sofas, carpets, and additional surfaces to file and sharpen their nails or leave behind a more
4 FAQ About Heartworm Disease in Dogs, Lincoln, Nebraska
A type of tubular parasite transmitted through mosquito bites, heartworm is a life-threatening disease affecting cats and dogs. Canines are more susceptible to the foot-long worms more
5 Exotic Pets Legal to Own in the U.S. , Lincoln, Nebraska
For most of us, cats and dogs are the first animals to come to mind when we think of pets. However, for some people, exotic animals such as reptiles, rare birds, and even arachnids more
Should Pet Owners Take Their Cats on Walks?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When making pet care decisions for your cat, exercise and enrichment should be high on your list of priorities. One option is to take your cat on walks each day. Walking outdoors more
How to Tell if Your Dog Is Under the Weather, Lincoln, Nebraska
Every animal has a personality. As a pet owner, you’ve likely come to expect certain behaviors or patterns out of your furry friend. As such, when something seems out of the more
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