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3 Popular Foods Dogs Shouldn't Eat, Lincoln, Nebraska
It can be hard to resist puppy dog eyes when your pet is begging for scraps at the dinner table. However, some foods are toxic to dogs and can result in an emergency trip to the animal hospital. Here are three common foods to keep away more
How to Raise a Social Cat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Bringing a new kitten into the family is exciting, especially if you have young kids and other animals who would like to befriend them or be involved with pet care. Although cats aren’t known for being naturally warm and outgoing, more
Lincoln, NE Veterinarians Businesses
Yankee Hill Veterinary Hospital, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
2829 Jamie Ln
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 421-8111
The vet may never be your pet’s favorite place to go, which is why it’s important to work with a clinic staffed by caring and compassionate individuals dedicated to ensuring your pet has a positive experience. As a full-service pet hospi...
All Feline Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Veterinary Services, Veterinarians, Lincoln, Nebraska
2300 S 48th St , Ste 3
Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 467-2711
If your feline friend needs to visit the veterinarian for their annual exam or even for treatment for an infection, bring them to All Feline Hospital. Located in Lincoln, NE, these veterinarians and vet techs are always available to help...
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Why Do Cats Knock Objects Over?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cats are sweet and loyal companions, but they can often be a bit sly and unpredictable. In addition to biting you when you rub their tummy and hiding under the bed, they can more
4 Signs Your Dog Has Vision Problems, Lincoln, Nebraska
Owning a dog involves a great deal of care, from visiting the veterinarian to monitoring their general well-being. As your canine ages, you may notice more problems with more
Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language, Lincoln, Nebraska
Cats are often much quieter than their canine counterparts because they do most of their communicating with their bodies. Understanding cat body language and cues is an essential& more
How to Prevent Hairballs in Your Cat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hairballs are quite frequent in cats. They’re clumps of hair the cat ingested while grooming itself. While most owners don’t see hairballs as a threat to their furry friends, more
3 Reasons Why Your Cat Likes High Places, Lincoln, Nebraska
It's a situation familiar to many cat owners. You enter a room and find your cat perched on the highest spot they can fit themselves: on the uppermost bookshelf, atop the more
FAQ About Veterinary Acupuncture, Lincoln, Nebraska
As a pet owner, finding ways to improve your furry friend’s overall quality of life is always top of mind. Depending on your dog’s or cat’s medical history and pre-existing more
4 Tips for Getting Your Dog Enough Exercise , Lincoln, Nebraska
Although you may take your dog for walks and play fetch with them, many veterinarians will tell you that there’s more you can do to ensure they get enough exercise. Your more
A New Owner's Guide to Kitten Care, Lincoln, Nebraska
Proper pet care is an absolute must when bringing a new kitten home. New kitten owners should understand the responsibilities involved with raising a cat before adopting. This guide more
FAQ About Dog Vaccines, Lincoln, Nebraska
Although you’ve likely heard that pet vaccinations are vital for your dog’s health, you may still have questions about them. Of course, it’s understandable for you to be more
3 Tips for Trimming Your Cat's Nails, Lincoln, Nebraska
Similar to cat vaccinations, regularly trimming a feline’s nails helps prevent potential infections as well as protect your family from harmful scratches. Getting your cat to accept more
5 Ways to Help Your Aging Cat, Lincoln, Nebraska
With proper care, today’s felines can live quite a long time. Some are even living beyond 20 years. But while the average life span is increasing, cats still reach their more
What to Know About Having a Pet Hamster, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hamsters are a perfect low-commitment alternative to cats or dogs for families seeking a pet. If you’re thinking about adding one of these soft rodents to your household, then more
3 Post-Surgery Pet Care Tips for Spayed & Neutered Cats, Lincoln, Nebraska
To cut down on the number of animals that end up in shelters, many pet owners get their female cats spayed and their male cats neutered. As both are serious surgical procedures, more
3 Popular Pet Rabbit Breeds for Children, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many parents don’t consider the breed when buying pet rabbits for their children. Much like dogs, each rabbit breed has a unique temperament and care needs. While you should more
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