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A Guide to Getting Your Dog Ready for Surgery, Versailles, Kentucky
As a pet owner, you might like to believe that you can provide for all your pet's needs, ensuring they're comfortable and happy. However, in some cases, only a veterinarian can help. If your pet needs surgery, you can quell some of your more
Why Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?, Versailles, Kentucky
Dog owners often give pets food scraps as a treat. However, you should keep many savory foods and desserts away from your canine. For example, chocolate contains a chemical compound they can’t process. The buildup could cause more
Versailles, KY Veterinarians Businesses
Buffalo Trace Veterinary Service, Pet Care, Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, Versailles, Kentucky
159 Frankfort St.
Versailles, KY 40383
(859) 879-3582
When it comes to the overall health and wellness of your beloved pets, the last thing you want is to leave them in the hands of a veterinarian that cuts corners when it comes to keeping them healthy. At Buffalo Trace Veterinary Services ...
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How to Prepare to Travel by Plane With Your Dog, Versailles, Kentucky
As a pet parent, the idea of traveling with your furry friend is exciting. However, before you get on a plane, there are a few preliminary steps you must handle to ensure a more
What to Do When Your Dog Pulls a Muscle, Versailles, Kentucky
Your dog’s body absorbs significant stress when they jump, sprint, roll, and play. While they can usually withstand the strain, injuries still happen. Pulled muscles and more
Check Out Our Online Pharmacy, Versailles, Kentucky
Corona Virus Update From Buffalo Trace Veterinary Service, Versailles, Kentucky
This is a difficult time with COVID-19.  For the safety of everyone, we are making some changes to our current client appointments when clients typically accompany their pets more
4 Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog, Versailles, Kentucky
Adopting a dog means you have opened your heart and home to a dog in need. Any shelter you visit will see dogs from all stages of life. Older dogs require simple pet more
a, Versailles, Kentucky
Understanding Heartworms in Dogs, Versailles, Kentucky
Heartworm disease is caused by a parasitic worm that affects pets—mainly dogs and cats. You should know what to look for, so you can bring an infected pet to a veterinarian as more
A Veterinarian-Approved Guide to Trimming a Dog’s Nails, Versailles, Kentucky
Long nails on a dog soon become uncomfortable and painful. A long nail may curl under a dog’s paw pad, digging into their skin. Sometimes it will catch on a carpet fiber more
5 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat, Versailles, Kentucky
When your dog looks up to beg for some of your dinner, you may find it challenging to refuse. However, sharing certain foods with your furry friend may necessitate an emergency more
5 Home Remedies for Your Arthritic Dog, Versailles, Kentucky
Much like humans, dogs can develop arthritis as they get older. If your aging dog is showing signs of pain and stiffness, your veterinarian will likely recommend medication or more
Why Cats Get Hairballs & What to Do About It, Versailles, Kentucky
If you’re a cat owner, you’re going to deal with hairballs eventually. To ensure that your furry friend is given the best pet care possible, here is some information you should more
Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?, Versailles, Kentucky
Every dog owner will likely witness their dog eating grass. While it’s a common activity of dogs, pet owners might worry or be curious as to why their dog does this. You may have more
4 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Coughing, Versailles, Kentucky
It’s understandable to be concerned if your dog won’t stop coughing. However, before taking your dog to a veterinary clinic, you should know the possible reasons for it. A more
Top 3 Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet, Versailles, Kentucky
Spaying or neutering your pets prevents more unwanted animals from being born. Around the world, the overpopulation of pets is a problem in many areas. When a veterinarian spays a more
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