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How Can a Pre-Season Sports Physical Benefit Your Teenager?, Anchorage, Alaska
A sports physical is an essential part of ensuring your teenager is healthy enough to enjoy sports safely and successfully. Not only can this give you and your child a better understanding of their overall health, but it will also increa...read more
4 FAQ About Uterine Fibroids, Anchorage, Alaska
Uterine fibroids are growths that form in and around the uterus. In most cases, they are noncancerous, but can still cause certain symptoms and discomfort. While a women’s health specialist will provide more information if you have ...read more
Anchorage, AK Urgent Care Centers Businesses
Alaska Urgent Care LLC, Doctors, Emergency & Urgent Care, Urgent Care Centers, Anchorage, Alaska
300 E Dimond Blvd , Suite 12A
Anchorage, AK 99515
(907) 341-7757
When late-night accidents occur, you need a medical center with experienced staff who can tend to your or a family member’s injuries. The experts at Alaska Urgent Care in Anchorage, AK, offer top-notch services, such as preventative care...
Patients First Medical Clinic LLC., Primary Care Doctors, Urgent Care Centers, Medical Clinics, Anchorage, Alaska
6307 Debarr Rd, Ste C
Anchorage, AK 99504
At Patients First Medical Clinic, “patients first” is more than just their name; it’s their mission. Located in Anchorage, AK, the staff at this medical clinic has more than 150 years of combined experience providing quality health care ...
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3 Warning Signs You Have a Sprained Ankle, Anchorage, Alaska
A sprained ankle is a common injury affecting the ligaments that connect your leg and foot. When you twist the ankle in an unusual way, it can tear or stretch those ligamen...read more
4 Tips for Treating a Sprained Ankle, Anchorage, Alaska
Sprained ankles are common injuries that occur when the ligaments are stretched too far or torn, causing pain, swelling, and difficulty walking. While you should visit urgent ca...read more
A Brief Guide to Telemedicine , Anchorage, Alaska
During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are urged to stay at home to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This is why many primary care providers are offering...read more
The Basics of Ear Infections, Anchorage, Alaska
Although most people consider ear infections to be common childhood illnesses, they can affect adults as well—especially alongside other upper respiratory issues. These infections de...read more
A Brief Guide to Allergic Rhinitis, Anchorage, Alaska
Nearly 8% of Americans have allergic rhinitis. Also known as hay fever, this is caused by allergic reactions that can be seasonal or not. If you have this condition, you ma...read more
4 Asbestos Exposure Symptoms, Anchorage, Alaska
Found naturally in soil and rocks, asbestos is a type of mineral fiber that’s resistant to chemicals, electricity, and heat. Its properties made it a popular building material for de...read more
Dietary Do's & Dont's for People With Diabetes, Anchorage, Alaska
Living with diabetes requires you to take extra care of your wellbeing. Diet is a major factor in managing your illness. With a bit of attention to your nutrition and regular consult...read more
6 Vaccinations Children Should Receive, Anchorage, Alaska
While your baby will receive some level of protection against illnesses from you, this effect doesn't last forever. As children grow and become exposed to germs, they need an extra l...read more
Commemorating the Iditarod: Alaska's Great Vaccination Race, Anchorage, Alaska
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual Alaskan race with global acclaim. Starting on March 7 this year, it brings together brave men, women, and canines who tra...read more
A Patient's Guide to X-Rays, Anchorage, Alaska
When your doctor needs to see your skeletal structure, organs, or soft tissue without making an incision, they'll likely use an X-ray. This imaging method uses electromagnetic waves ...read more
5 FAQ About Hypertension, Anchorage, Alaska
If your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure, you may have many questions about the diagnosis and what it means for you. Knowing more about this condi...read more
5 Health Care Habits to Adopt & Keep, Anchorage, Alaska
Health care doesn't just apply when you're sick. It's also about taking care of yourself every day to enjoy strength and energy that lasts. To keep your disease risk low and help you...read more
How to Overcome the Winter Blues, Anchorage, Alaska
The winter’s low temperatures, high winds, and lack of sunlight lead some people to want to curl up on their couches all day and refuse to leave their homes. If you feel li...read more
4 Signs of a Broken Bone, Anchorage, Alaska
You might think that a broken bone would be pretty easy to identify. However, some breaks go unrecognized and are mistaken for other issues, which delays treatment and increases the ...read more
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