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What Are Alcohol Bracelets?, Cleveland, Tennessee
As driving under the influence puts everyone on the road at risk, repeat offenders are subjected to steep penalties. As a condition of the sentence, someone might be ordered by the court to wear an alcohol bracelet, or secure continuous more
What to Know About Ignition Interlock Devices, Cleveland, Tennessee
Vital for preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, ignition interlock systems help keep the roads safe. If a person has been convicted of a DUI, they may need to have one installed in their car. Here are a more
Cleveland, TN Alcohol Treatment Centers Businesses
Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring, Alcohol Treatment Centers, Cleveland, Tennessee
1401 Spring Place Rd SE
Cleveland, TN 37311
(855) 472-7269
From the perspective of public safety, a breathalyzer or alcohol monitoring device is essential to protecting drivers and pedestrians. At Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring in Cleveland, legal entities, behavioral health organizations, ...
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What You Should Know About Breathalyzers, Cleveland, Tennessee
Breathalyzers are alcohol monitoring devices that can estimate blood alcohol content from a breath sample. These monitors, which help protect drivers and pedestrians from more
How Law Enforcement Can Prevent Drunk Driving, Cleveland, Tennessee
Drunk driving is a significant problem in the U.S., causing countless deaths each year. Policing it requires careful strategy, and there are many ways law enforcement can more
5 Common Questions About Ignition Interlock Systems, Cleveland, Tennessee
It’s standard to have your license suspended if you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), but some states also mandate that you have an ignition interlock system more
Can Motorcycles Be Equipped With Ignition Interlock Systems?, Cleveland, Tennessee
In Tennessee and other states, drivers are required to use an ignition interlock system after a DUI offense. But since these devices are traditionally installed in automobiles, many more
A Guide to Sweat Patches, Cleveland, Tennessee
Drug patches that collect perspiration are being used more frequently by law enforcement agencies and companies rather than blood, urine, or follicle samples. Known as more
5 Benefits of Sweat Patches Over Urine Drug Testing, Cleveland, Tennessee
Over the past few decades, many drug and alcohol monitoring programs have shifted to the use of sweat patches. Like a bandage, these products securely attach to the skin to evaluate more
How Can GPS Tracking Benefit Victims of Violence?, Cleveland, Tennessee
You may be familiar with GPS tracking being used for alcohol monitoring devices, but this technology has extended to help protect victims of domestic violence. Approximately 1 more
Why Is Aftercare for Alcohol Recovery Important?, Cleveland, Tennessee
The completion of an alcohol recovery program is an incredible milestone. However, completing a program doesn’t mean you’re cured; instead, it’s the beginning of a better more
4 Common Questions About the SCRAM® Device, Cleveland, Tennessee
If your law agency is looking for a new alcohol monitoring system, the SCRAM® device offers reliable, continuous performance that makes it a popular choice. You should more
How Do Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets Work?, Cleveland, Tennessee
Alcohol bracelets such as SCRAM® products are an important tool for law enforcement because drinking is a factor in a wide range of crimes. About 40% of convicted violent offenders more
3 Ways to Make DUI Investigations More Effective, Cleveland, Tennessee
Breathalyzers and dash cameras make it easier than ever to build a DUI case, but the most compelling evidence always comes from your interactions with the suspect. A more
3 Drugs Law Enforcement Is Seeing More of in 2019, Cleveland, Tennessee
Every 20 seconds, someone is arrested for a drug law violation in America. Illegal drug use, manufacturing, trafficking, and sales continue to be a major problem, and law more
What Police Need to Know About Blood Alcohol Testing & the Fourth Amendment, Cleveland, Tennessee
Drunk driving can lead to injuries, damages to property, and even loss of life. To help reduce the cases of driving while intoxicated, law enforcers implement random checks on the more
5 Ways Law Enforcement Can Help End the Opioid Crisis, Cleveland, Tennessee
The opioid crisis refers to the ongoing epidemic that has plagued the U.S. since the 1990s. Millions of people are addicted to heroin and synthetic opioids, including prescription more
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