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Paddling Through Fear, ,
Gretta Keene, LCSW, CST, of Keene Murray Therapy, describes her personal experience of using mindfulness to work with fear.Land was far away and the water, deep. Wind was whipping up white peaks as a huge, dark cloud took over the sky. more
Couples Counseling: Find the Root With Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Gretta Keene, LCSW, and Bill Murray, PhD, of Keene Murray Therapy excel in relationship counseling. Gretta is a psychoanalyst and a certified sand-tray therapist, and Bill is a psychologist. The blend their backgrounds provides multiple more
Windsor Terrace, NY Psychologists Businesses
Keene Murray Therapy, Counseling, Therapy, Psychologists, Brooklyn, New York
207 Prospect Park West, Ste. 1
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(347) 628-4446
Keene Murray Therapy provides a range of therapeutic services to individuals, couples, children and adolescents, families and elders. Services include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive/behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other stress-redu...
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Keene Murray Therapy Offers 12-Session Premarital Counseling, ,
You’ve rented the venue, booked the honeymoon and put your registry online. Now you’re going over details with the wedding planner. You’re investing a lot of time, energy and cash more
Effective Couple Therapy Sessions With Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Amid the tumultuous and complicated highs and lows of maintaining a successful relationship, sometimes we can get lost and are unable to create the relationship we truly wish to more
Avoid Holiday Stress With Couples Counseling at Keene Murray, ,
Amid the stress of the holidays you may lose sight of what really matters and who among your friends and family is truly important. While searching for the perfect gift, planning more
Has Your Relationship Hit The Rocks? Contact Keene Murray Therapy For Couples That Need Help Getting Back On Track, ,
Valentine’s Day is associated with couples expressing their love and devotion to one another. However, for couples in a rocky or rough spot, this overly affectionate holiday can more
Relieve Your Stress With Mindful Therapy & Counseling From Keene Murray Therapy , ,
As contemporary society becomes more reliant and integrated with technology, people tend to become more involved and more absorbed with the digital world. This consequently causes more
3 Reasons Why Your Relationship Can Benefit From Couples Therapy From Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Marriage and relationships require hard work, dedication, and open communication. Often times it may seem like things are overwhelming or chaotic, and that the spark and chemistry more
Same Sex Couple Counseling with Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Amid the challenges of daily life, many often find that their romantic relationships are lacking substance and depth. These connections, which we hope will bring us happiness and more
Keene Murray Therapy Looks At Human Personality And The Fire and Ice of Conflict, ,
Relationships can be difficult and conflict can take many forms. Two basic conflict styles are what we sometimes conceptualize as being either “fire” or “ice.” Just as Robert Frost more
"Dragon Eyes" The Couple Counselors At Keene Murray Therapy, ,
When we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, we may begin to notice that some upsetting thoughts continually reappear and are linked with heightened emotions. These thoughts more
The Advantages Of Traditional SandPlay Therapy From Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Amid the overwhelming stress and scheduled chaos of our day to day lives, it is often hard finding time to decompress and evaluate our emotions or analyze our thoughts. Keene Murray more
Reignite Your Romance With Communication & Couples Therapy Sessions, ,
Sustaining a romantic relationship over time requires hard work and dedication. Often couples find the spark of romance has been extinguished or they no longer feel connected to more
The Full Spectrum of Thoughts & Feelings From Keene Murray Therapy, ,
The daily pressures and the challenging tasks you face every day can slowly cause you to accumulate stress. Long term stress has serious debilitating effects on both the body and more
Don't be Afraid to Ask: Multi-Approach Therapy For Your Child at Keene Murray Therapy, ,
Maybe your child is not as excited to go back to school as you might have hoped. He or she may be anticipating bullying, performance stress, fear, depression, rage or a host of more
Activation's Gold, ,
We all know what it’s like to become activated: a sudden rush of uncomfortable feeling – both emotional and physical; a rigid mindset of always/never beliefs; and an almost more
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