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A Parent’s Guide to Loose Teeth, Madison, Ohio
Losing teeth is something every child will go through. It’s a completely natural process when adult teeth come in; and as a parent, you want to make sure you properly prepare and care for your child. It’s important to be patient, more
3 Reasons Children Shouldn’t Have Soda, Madison, Ohio
When it comes to making healthy choices for your children, nutritious foods are probably the first to come to mind. Yet, the beverages you give your children are just as important as the snacks and meals they consume. Pediatricians and more
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Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, Family Dentists, Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatric Dentists, Florence, Kentucky
7400 HWY 42
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 525-2100
Since opening for business in 1980, Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD, has established a stellar reputation as an experienced and compassionate family dentist. Based in the heart of Florence, KY, this dental office focuses on providing the very b...
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The Causes & Symptoms of Oral Thrush in Children , Madison, Ohio
As a parent, your child’s health and well-being is your top priority. When anything seems off, it can be concerning. Fortunately, when you understand the common ailments kids can more
5 Foods Essential to Children’s Dental Care, Madison, Ohio
When it comes to children’s dental care, what your child eats is as important as paying regular visits to the dentist. While it’s common knowledge that sugary treats and drinks do a more
3 Dental Health Problems That Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment, Madison, Ohio
For many, braces are considered a treatment that helps straighten teeth for cosmetic purposes. And while it may be true that orthodontic treatment does straighten smiles, this form more
Why It’s Important to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed by a Dentist, Madison, Ohio
When you were in your teens or early 20s, your wisdom teeth erupted, and chances are you then had them removed by a trusted dentist before they caused problems. If so, you’ more
5 Ways Parents Can Soothe a Baby’s Teething Pain , Madison, Ohio
Babies will typically begin teething between the ages of six and 12 months until all their primary teeth have come in—usually by the time the child is a toddler. As the teeth push more
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Braces, Madison, Ohio
If a dentist has recommended your child get braces, you probably have a lot of questions. Getting answers to these questions will help your child have a positive experience more
How to Make Sure Your Child Is Brushing Their Teeth Properly, Madison, Ohio
Good oral hygiene starts when your child is still a baby. Their first dentist visit should be scheduled around the time they turn one year old. There, they will be introduced more
How Can Thumb Sucking Affect Children’s Dental Care?, Madison, Ohio
Thumb sucking is a natural reflex commonly practiced by babies and toddlers. In the first years of life, thumb sucking—or using a pacifier—is a normal and healthy way for children more
3 Unique Ways To Encourage Your Children’s Dental Care, Madison, Ohio
You love your kids’ smiles, so protect their pearly whites by getting them excited about brushing their teeth. Proper dental hygiene is important and creating positive habits more
4 Steps to Help You Properly Care for Braces, Madison, Ohio
Braces are a common method used by pediatric orthodontists for straightening out crooked teeth. However, the tiny metal components that make up these dental devices can be difficult more
Kids Dentist Shares Top 5 Cleaning Tips, Madison, Ohio
Keeping your mouth and teeth healthy is essential to your overall health, but it can take time for kids to learn how to thoroughly clean their smiles. Aside from checking that they' more
Should I Floss Before or After Brushing?, Madison, Ohio
When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, most people know that both brushing and flossing are essential. Do you know how often you should floss, though, or when? While more
5 Reasons Dentists Recommend Mouthwash, Madison, Ohio
Brushing and flossing are integral components of a robust oral health care regimen. For many individuals, however, there’s one more step to consider: using mouthwash. Discover why more
5 Signs & Symptoms of Teething in Children, Madison, Ohio
Your baby’s first tooth is an exciting milestone. Parents usually see a tooth poking through the surface when their children are between six months and one year old. When your more
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