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4 Important Questions to Ask Your Optometrist , Fairbanks, Alaska
You rely on your eyesight every day. To ensure your eyes are serving you as well as they should, you should visit a trusted Optometrist or Ophthalmologist regularly. Fortunately, the team of expert Optometrists and Ophthalmologists&...read more
3 Things You Should Know About Laser Eye Surgery, Fairbanks, Alaska
Eyeglasses and contact lenses may help improve your vision, but there are activities that cannot be done while wearing them. If you want a long-term solution for your poor eyesight, Lasik eye surgery may be the answer. Eye...read more
Fairbanks, AK Ophthalmology Businesses
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses, Ophthalmology, Eye Doctors, Fairbanks, Alaska
116 Minnie Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks has been providing the residents of Fairbanks, Alaska with quality, affordable eye care for the past 40 years. Their strong connection with the community has led to patient/eye doctor relationships that are built ...
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How to Avoid the Most Common Eye Injuries , Fairbanks, Alaska
Your eyes are a fragile part of your body. Since many eye injuries can cause long-term damage, it’s best to keep your eyes out of harm’s way. At the  Eye Clinic of Fairbank...read more
3 Facts to Consider When Choosing the Right Contact Lenses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Choosing the right contact lenses for your eyes is an important process. That’s where the eye doctors at the Eye Clinic of Fairbanks in Fairbanks, AK, comes in. They specialize ...read more
​Contact Lenses Vs. Eyeglasses: Eye Clinic of Fairbanks Weighs in, Fairbanks, Alaska
As far as vision correction goes, the choice between glasses and contact lenses is not necessarily the easiest. While there are many people who love the freedom offered by contacts...read more
Does Your Vision Insurance Cover Eye Glasses? , Fairbanks, Alaska
Taking care of the health of your eyes involves many components. This includes exams, wearing contact lenses or eye glasses, and understanding what your vision insurance covers when ...read more
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks Welcomes its Newest Eye Doctor, Dr. Stanley Fuller, Fairbanks, Alaska
For over forty years, Eye Clinic of Fairbanks has been providing Fairbanks, Alaska with high-quality, affordable eye care. Whether you’re seeking an eye exam or surgical glauco...read more
The Importance of Kids' Eye Exams Explained by Eye Clinic of Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska
When it comes to children’s eyes and vision, sometimes it’s hard for parents to tell if anything is wrong. For instance, we always know when our kids don’t feel well or if they have ...read more
Genuine Care & Experienced Eye Doctors: Reasons Why You Should Choose Eye Clinic of Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska
For the past 40 years, Eye Clinic of Fairbanks has been building a relationship with the entire Fairbanks community that is based on trust, reliability, and genuine care. As a f...read more
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