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4 Tips for Dealing With Tooth Pain, High Point, North Carolina
Tooth pain can be caused by cavities, dental trauma, or even increased sensitivity. Having this issue checked out by a dentist is crucial. In the meantime, there are at-home remedies that can provide relief before your appointment. Here more
How Diabetes Impacts Oral Health, High Point, North Carolina
If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, it can impact every aspect of your life, including your oral health. Telling your dentist about your diagnosis is crucial to ensuring the enhanced risks associated with diabetes are accounted for more
High Point, NC Dentists Businesses
High Point Smile Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentists, Family Dentists, Dentists, High Point, North Carolina
1706 N Main St
High Point, NC 27262
(336) 884-4000
If you’re seeking professional dental care that will brighten the smiles of your whole family, look no further than High Point Smile Dentistry. This family dental practice provides compassionate, individualized care to patients of a...
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What to Know About Fluoride & Your Teeth, High Point, North Carolina
Fluoride is essential for your dental health. Many dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste and offer treatments, rinses, and supplements to make sure you're getting the more
3 Ways to Make Teeth Cleanings More Comfortable, High Point, North Carolina
  As any dentist will tell you, regular teeth cleanings are essential to your oral health. Unfortunately, some people find them uncomfortable. If you’re anxious about more
5 Steps to Take Before a Dental Appointment, High Point, North Carolina
Before heading to a dentist for an appointment, some people have minor anxiety or worry about the process taking too long. However, by preparing, you can ensure that it more
What Is a Dry Socket?, High Point, North Carolina
Whether you’re having your wisdom teeth extracted or a damaged molar removed, you’ll need to follow aftercare tips from your dentist. A dry socket is one of the biggest issues you’ more
3 Ways to Maintain Results After a Teeth Whitening Treatment, High Point, North Carolina
A teeth whitening treatment can give you a brighter smile and boost your confidence. To enjoy your pearly whites for as long as possible, there are some special care steps you more
How Can You Avoid Mistakes While Brushing & Flossing?, High Point, North Carolina
As many dentists tell their patients, practicing at-home dental care is crucial for a bright, healthy smile. Even if you’re diligent about brushing and flossing daily, more
How Does Snoring Impact Your Dental Health?, High Point, North Carolina
While you might not think to bring up your snoring habit to your dentist, your oral care professionals should know about this nighttime trait. Snoring can have a number of more
What to Know About Receding Gums, High Point, North Carolina
Gum recession is a term used to describe the gum line wearing away or pulling back from the tooth. This process exposes more of the tooth, and, eventually, may expose the root more
4 Signs You're a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers, High Point, North Carolina
When someone’s not confident with their teeth, they might have difficulty smiling and laughing naturally, and they may even avoid meeting new people. That being the case, it’s no more
How Osteoporosis Affects Your Teeth, High Point, North Carolina
Osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones become less dense and more susceptible to fractures, affects more than half of people over the age of 50. Although fractures of more
3 Surprising Ways Your Smile Changes With Age, High Point, North Carolina
It’s no secret that your body will alter as you get older, but many people are surprised to learn that their smile and teeth are also prone to change. However, regular visits more
How Are Fillings Performed? , High Point, North Carolina
Oral bacteria can wreak havoc on your smile, contributing to issues like cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal inflammation. Fortunately, by offering services like deep cleanings more
Does Vaping Have a Negative Impact on Teeth?, High Point, North Carolina
Although vaping is touted as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, it still has a number of risks. This is especially true when it comes to your oral health. Dentists more
The Causes & Oral Health Implications of Dry Mouth, High Point, North Carolina
Dy mouth, formally known as xerostomia, is an issue that family dentists treat regularly. The condition is defined by chronic or intermittent problems with your salivary glands and more
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