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3 Foods That Whiten Teeth, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to add a pearly glow to any smile. Maintain those beautiful results by taking a few extra steps at home. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, try adding a few of these more
How to Choose the Right Toothbrush, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Selecting a toothbrush seems like a straightforward process, but with all the options available today, it can get a little overwhelming. Your choice should be one that allows you to brush your teeth according to your dentist's more
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Richmond Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentist, Family Dentists, Dentists, Richmond Hill, Georgia
10015 Ford Ave, Suite 2A
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 756-3880
Richmond Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is the best dentist office in Richmond Hill, GA. For over 30 years, these friendly family dentists have kept the local community smiling by providing everything from routine checkups and prof...
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3 Foods That Won't Stain Your Teeth, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Dental enamel is the smooth, hard covering that coats your teeth and makes them white; unfortunately, this natural substance is also porous, allowing pigment to settle in and more
5 Warning Signs of Gingivitis Everyone Should Know, Richmond Hill, Georgia
The bacteria found in plaque aren’t just a danger to your teeth. These organisms can also infect your gum tissue, causing a common oral health problem known as gingivitis. If left more
How Can You Preserve Your Teeth Whitening Results?, Richmond Hill, Georgia
If you’ve had stained teeth and have witnessed the power of professional teeth whitening firsthand, you’ll want to extend your results for as long as possible. To continue enjoying more
Why You Get Toothaches in Cold Weather, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Cold weather can be hard on your joints and skin—and surprisingly, your teeth. Some people experience increased toothaches in the winter, especially those with sensitive teeth. Here’ more
5 Dental Health Tips for the Holidays, Richmond Hill, Georgia
The holidays may be a time to relax and enjoy family, friends, and festivities, but even when you’re indulging in the spirit of the season, it’s important to not get too more
5 Common Misconceptions About Veneers , Richmond Hill, Georgia
When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers are one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance your smile. These thin plates—typically made from dental ceramic—are more
4 Benefits of the Six Month Smiles® Orthodontic Technology, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Straight teeth boost confidence and help you look and feel your best. However, traditional braces and straightening methods can be time-consuming and costly. This is why dentists more
How to Ease Your Kids’ Dentistry Fears, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Children can develop a fear of the dentist if they have a bad experience, from the something they see on television, or because an adult they know is afraid of the dentist. However, more
4 Foods That Help Prevent Teeth Cavities, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Teeth cavities are one of the most common oral health issues, affecting people of all ages. Although fillings help to treat cavities and eliminate pain, the damage is permanent. more
3 Ways to Temporarily Alleviate a Toothache, Richmond Hill, Georgia
A toothache can occur for a number of reasons, and pain can range from minor to excruciating. While a dental appointment is essential, you may not be able to get in right away, more
The Top 3 Causes of Teeth Cavities, Richmond Hill, Georgia
To maintain a beautiful smile and eat pain-free, it’s important for dental patients of every age to do what they can to prevent teeth cavities. One of the best ways to avoid tooth more
3 Benefits of Using the Same Family Dentist, Richmond Hill, Georgia
If you’re constantly switching to a new dentist or finding different ones to accommodate various members of your household, it may be time to rethink your dental care strategy. more
Teeth Cavities and How to Prevent Them, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Our mouths are full of different types of bacteria. Some bacteria help keep our mouths healthy, while others are harmful and can lead to cavities and tooth decay. At Richmond Hill more
5 Food & Beverages That Commonly Result in Stained Teeth, Richmond Hill, Georgia
What you eat and drink affects more than just the way you feel; it also impacts the way you look. The experienced family dentists at Richmond Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in more
3 Powerful Reasons to Choose Dental Implants, Richmond Hill, Georgia
There is nothing that makes you look and feel more confident than a bright, healthy smile. But when you’re missing teeth, it can negatively affect your confidence levels. more
3 Reasons You Need Regular Visits to the Dentist, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Despite being aware that regular visits to the dentist are necessary, many people forego them each year. Whether due to a phobia or simply thinking their mouths are healthy, more
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