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5 Ingredients That Are Bad for Your Teeth, Montgomery, Ohio
Everyone deserves a treat now and then, but some foods and drinks contain ingredients that may put your dental health at risk. To protect your teeth from decay and prevent a nasty toothache, talk to your family dentist about how your more
Do's & Don'ts of Teeth Whitening Aftercare , Montgomery, Ohio
Nothing boosts your confidence quite like a bright smile. By undergoing in-office teeth whitening treatments, you can help your teeth look their best. However, it’s important to care for this shine once you leave the office. In addition more
Kenwood, OH Dentists Businesses
Christopher F. Heck, DMD - Montgomery General Dentistry, Crowns, Root Canals, Dentists, Montgomery, Ohio
9370 Main St Ste B
Montgomery, OH 45242
(513) 794-1884
Christopher F. Heck, DMD - Montgomery General Dentistry is a dedicated dental practice in Montgomery, OH. The beautiful facilities, friendly staff, and diverse offering of dental services have made the practice popular among lo...
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When Should you Call your Dentist for an Emergency?, Montgomery, Ohio
If you cut your hand while chopping vegetables or develop chest pain while working out, you probably wouldn’t think twice about rushing to the emergency room. While more
What Are Veneers?, Montgomery, Ohio
If your teeth are no longer in their aesthetic prime but have no internal issues, you may have been introduced to the idea of veneers—as opposed to implants or dentures. But just more
Dental Insurance, Don't Lose Your 2018 Benefits!, Montgomery, Ohio
Montgomery Dentist explains Maximizing Your Dental Insurance Benefit Dollars Most dental insurance plans have a yearly maximum coverage value.  For instance, some may more
Top 5 Things to Know about Wisdom Teeth, Montgomery, Ohio
In most people, the third set of molars, generally called “wisdom teeth,” start coming in around age 17-25. However, the arrival of these teeth is often far from trouble-free. The more
A Montgomery Family Dentist Explains Why It's Necessary to Extract Wisdom Teeth, Montgomery, Ohio
Dentists typically recommend wisdom tooth extraction as a preventive measure. Removing your third molars before they actually erupt can mitigate all kinds of issues, including more
The Pros & Cons of Teeth Whitening, Montgomery, Ohio
Professional teeth whitening can give you a new look, but is it really worth it to lighten your smile? As with any other procedure, the treatment has its own list of benefits and more
What Are Dental Implants?, Montgomery, Ohio
If you are one of the 120 million people in the United States who have at least one missing tooth, you might be wondering about your restoration options. Dental implants are a more
A Montgomery Dentist Shares How to Prevent Gum Disease, Montgomery, Ohio
Gum disease is one of the most common, yet preventable, illnesses treated by your family dentist. Symptoms include bleeding or tender gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. more
Will You Need a Root Canal If You’re Getting Dental Crowns?, Montgomery, Ohio
Dental crowns are commonly used to help repair and protect teeth that have experienced damage from trauma or injury. When the family dentist recommends treatment with this option, more
Montgomery Dentist Shares Oral Health Care Tips for Seniors, Montgomery, Ohio
No matter what your age, focusing on dental health is important to your overall health.  When your mouth is healthy, you can eat the foods you want and need for nutrition. more
What Are the Common Types of Gum Disease?, Montgomery, Ohio
Although most people assume gum disease is something they don’t have to worry about, family dentists explain that it affects as many as one in two American adults over the age of 30, more
Dental Emergency? $99 Exam & X-ray!, Montgomery, Ohio
$99 Examination and any X-rays you may need to evaluate your dental emergency. Same day appointments available! CALL DR. CHRISTOPHER HECK, DMD TODAY! (513) 794-1884 more
3 Types of Dental Crowns Your Dentist Might Recommend, Montgomery, Ohio
With the help of custom-designed dental crowns, your teeth can be just as strong, stable, and beautiful as they were before they endured damage or decay. However, many patients are more
New Opalescence Go! Pre-filled Whitening Trays Available Today! , Montgomery, Ohio
We are happy to announce that we are now carrying Ultradent’s Opalescence Go Pre-Filled Whitening Trays in both 10% and 15% Hydrogen Peroxide strengths!  Opalescence Go more
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