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When to Replace Dental Fillings, Fairbanks, Alaska
Dental fillings can last for a decade or longer, depending on their material. Knowing when to replace them will ensure you stay on top of your oral health, prevent dental problems, and maintain the look and comfort of your smile. Find more
What Parents Should Know About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, Fairbanks, Alaska
Many parents give their newborns a bottle at night to help relax and lull them to sleep. According to the dentists at Helmbrecht Dental in Fairbanks, AK, the nightly practice can cause cavities and the need for constant more
Fairbanks, AK Dentists Businesses
Yamamoto Brian E DDS  , Dentists, Family Dentists, General Dentistry, Fairbanks, Alaska
2136 Airport Way, Ste 2
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 452-5547
Most people have something about themselves that they’d consider changing. If you have a goal that involves improving your teeth and oral health, contact Brian E. Yamamoto DDS in Fairbanks, AK. With more than 30 years of experience, this...
Helmbrecht Dental, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentists, Fairbanks, Alaska
421 Third St
Fairbanks, AK 99701
When choosing a dentist to take care of your family’s oral hygiene and dental care needs, you want a professional who puts patient satisfaction first. If you’re in Fairbanks, AK, Helmbrecht Dental is the practice of choice. Whether ...
Four Corners Dental Group Fairbanks, Crowns, Emergency Services, Dentists, Fairbanks, Alaska
3487 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 479-7771
Four Corners Dental Group Fairbanks is a leading provider of general and cosmetic dentistry offering top-of-the-line dental care and friendly service to the Fairbanks community. The team places an emphasis on helpful, caring service, and...
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When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?, Fairbanks, Alaska
Wisdom teeth removal is a dental milestone for many people associated with becoming a young adult since it usually occurs in the late teens. However, not everyone needs to more
FAQ on Root Canals, Fairbanks, Alaska
When visiting your dentist for a routine cleaning and X-rays, your oral care team may recommend root canal therapy to restore the health of your smile. If you’re unfamiliar with more
Do's & Don'ts to Prolong Teeth Whitening Results, Fairbanks, Alaska
Taking the proper steps after a teeth whitening session will ensure your new smile lasts as long as possible. In addition to your dentist’s instructions, adhere to more
What Should I Do If My Filling Falls Out?, Fairbanks, Alaska
Whether they wear out over time or come loose after you bite on something hard, dental fillings can fall out for numerous reasons. Regardless of why it happens, more
4 Strategies to Protect Your Smile in Summer , Fairbanks, Alaska
During the summertime, your family will likely enjoy plenty of delicious meals, pool days, and sports activities together. While having fun, however, you still want to more
Do's & Don’ts of Caring for Dental Fillings, Fairbanks, Alaska
If you have tooth decay, fillings are the best way to restore the cavity and preserve your smile. When applied by a skilled dentist, filling material should stay secure and last for more
3 Tricks to Get Into the Habit of Flossing, Fairbanks, Alaska
Although brushing your teeth after every meal is crucial, flossing is just as necessary to include in your daily dental care routine. Otherwise, food residue and bacteria more
What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?, Fairbanks, Alaska
Along with discomfort, impacted wisdom teeth cause several dental issues. They increase your risk of tooth decay and even change the positioning of your teeth if left untreated. more
What You Should Know About Nightguards, Fairbanks, Alaska
Grinding your teeth while you sleep – a condition called bruxism – can be caused by many factors, from stress to issues with jaw alignment. Without the use of nightguards fitted by more
4 Tooth-Friendly Snacks to Pack in Your Child's Lunch, Fairbanks, Alaska
As a parent, it’s your job to teach your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. In addition to emphasizing brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, more
Diet Do's & Don'ts for a Brighter Smile, Fairbanks, Alaska
When it comes to preserving your oral health, eating the right foods can prevent cavities and other complications. Additionally, munching more mindfully can help keep your teeth more
3 Reasons Oral Health Is Essential for Seniors, Fairbanks, Alaska
As important as proper dental care is for children and adults, it is even more important for the elderly to visit with their dentist regularly. Teeth and gum tissue age just like more
How Can Oral Health Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy? , Fairbanks, Alaska
Pregnancy is an exhilarating experience, but it’s not without its challenges. Even if your pregnancy is considered low-risk, you’re still likely to worry about the health of your more
5 FAQ About Tooth Abrasion, Fairbanks, Alaska
With proper dental care habits, your teeth can last a lifetime. Still, some amount of tooth abrasion and other forms of tooth wear are common. Learn more below about this more
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