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4 Tips For Dealing With Tooth Sensitivity, Mayfield, New York
You don’t need to be a dentist to know when you have sensitive teeth. If you experience pain when you sip cold water or drink hot tea, you likely suffer from tooth sensitivity. While this condition can be irritating, there are more
An Introductory Guide to Gingivitis, Mayfield, New York
You likely know that to maintain optimum oral health, you need to brush and floss twice a day. If not, you could face dental issues, such as gingivitis, which could lead to tooth loss or gaping between the teeth. If it isn’t treated more
Fulton, NY Dentists Businesses
Valley Family Dentistry, PLLC, Root Canals, Crowns, Dentists, Mayfield, New York
2540 State Highway 30
Mayfield, NY 12117-0220
 For more than 28 years, Valley Family Dentistry, PLLC has been the most trusted and reliable dentist office in Mayfield, NY. Whether you need routine teeth cleaning or a complex cosmetic dentistry procedure, there is only one ...
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What You Need to Know About Cavities , Mayfield, New York
Cavities are one of the most prevalent health problems in the United States. In fact, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 92% of adults have had more
Do's & Don'ts of Oral Care While Pregnant, Mayfield, New York
Prioritizing wellness during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Dental care is one of the essential components of prenatal health, so it’s important to talk to your more
Can Babies Be Born With Teeth?, Mayfield, New York
In most cases, babies will start the teething process at around six months of age. However, about 1 in 3,000 babies will be born with one or more teeth already in place. Known as more
3 Aftercare Tips for Dental Fillings, Mayfield, New York
After your dentist has put in a dental filling to fix a cavity, you’ll need to take a few essential steps to properly recover. You want to minimize discomfort, and, more more
3 Tips to Help Alleviate Dental Anxiety , Mayfield, New York
Some patients see dental appointments as an uncomfortable necessity. They may have had bad experiences during a childhood visit, or they may not like the pointy, shiny more
3 Reasons You Should Use Mouthwash, Mayfield, New York
You’re likely aware of the need to brush your teeth after every meal. You may also know the importance of daily flossing and scheduling regular teeth cleanings with more
3 Common Myths About Root Canals, Mayfield, New York
During a root canal treatment, the infected or inflamed pulp of a tooth is removed, the space is filled, and the tooth is sealed and topped with a crown. The procedure saves the more
5 Ways to Prepare for Oral Surgery, Mayfield, New York
When it comes to routine dental services, oral surgery can remedy more serious issues with cavities and dental trauma. It also requires patients to make preparations more
A Guide to Oral Cancer Screenings, Mayfield, New York
Oral cancer is a health issue many patients overlook and often isn’t diagnosed until the later stages. It’s not easy to identify on your own and why you should schedule regular more
What Do You Need to Know About Family Dentistry?, Mayfield, New York
If you're looking for a dentist, something to consider is whether a provider suits the needs of your entire family. Family dentistry makes it a priority to treat patients of more
Why Your Gums Are Important & How To Protect Them, Mayfield, New York
When you see your dentist, they’re not just checking for tooth damage; they’re checking the health of your gums, too. An essential part of general dentistry is protecting the more
Mayfield Dentist Discusses 3 Benefits of Preventative Dentistry, Mayfield, New York
Preventative dentistry is a critical component of maintaining good oral health. In simplest terms, it’s the act of caring for your teeth and includes brushing, flossing, eating a more
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