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5 Fun Facts About Your Teeth From Washington’s Dentistry Leaders, ,
When you visit the dentist, you usually walk away with a new toothbrush, floss, and a fresh smile, but when you visit Puyllayup, WA’s branch of AnyDay Dental, you also leave enlightened. To the dentistry professionals, more
What to Expect if You Have a Root Canal, ,
One of the scariest parts of getting dental surgery such as a root canal is the thought of being trapped in the chair without any idea of what’s coming. Will it hurt? What’s that drilling noise? Not knowing can be terrifying. At more
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Experts Dentists Offer 4 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Summer, ,
During the summer, it’s tempting to eat sugary foods and sip sweet beverages. The dentists at AnyDay Dental know summertime treats and other warm-weather activities can have a major more
Which Type of Mouthwash Is Best for You? A Leading Dentistry Group Explains, ,
Incorporating mouthwash into your oral hygiene routine is a great way to give your dental care regimen an extra boost. Because there are so many mouthwash options available, the more
Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety From the Premier Dentistry, ,
For many people, the fear of going to the dentist can be crippling, causing them to lose sleep and skip important dental appointments. AnyDay Dental, a family dentist office in more
3 Smart Ways to Avoid a Root Canal From Puyallup's Top Dentists, ,
Despite its bad reputation, a root canal is a virtually pain-free experience, thanks to modern anesthesia. However, it's still an indication of very advanced issues with your dental more
4 Tips to Improve Your Flossing Technique From Puyallup’s Most Trustworthy Dentists, ,
Great oral health not only requires working with skilled dentists but also establishes good dental hygiene at home. Proper flossing is one of many habits that can make all the more
 4 Reasons You Should Floss Every Day From Puyallup's Premier Dentistry, ,
Anyone who's visited a dentist has probably been told they need to be flossing more. But why is flossing so important? The expert dentists at AnyDay Dental, a more
Puyallup Dentists Help Patients Stop Grinding Their Teeth, ,
Teeth grinding not only leaves you with a sore jaw but it can also do serious damage to your teeth. However, it’s not always easy to stop grinding your teeth without addressing the more
3 Easy Care Tips For Your Braces From The Dentists at Anyday Dental, ,
Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile that makes them feel confident. That's why so many people decide to get braces to help them achieve their ideal smile. At Anyday more
AnyDay Dental Professionals Share the Importance of Preventive Dentistry , ,
There are many aspects to dental care, from cosmetic dentistry to the treatment of conditions that may arise. However, preventive care is extremely important because it more
Should Your Kids Get X-Rays? AnyDay Dental's Dentists Answer, ,
The link between regular brushing and flossing and oral health is well understood by every parent, as is the importance of helping their children turn good dental care into a more
AnyDay Dental Offers 4 Tips for Healthy Gums, ,
You know taking care of your pearly whites is the secret to a stunning smile. If you’re not also looking after your gums, however, you’re missing a vital part of your oral health. more
The Dentists From AnyDay Dental Explain Lesser-Known Side Effects of Tobacco Use, ,
It is general knowledge that smoking can turn your teeth yellow and give you bad breath, but it also does a lot more than that. The dentists at AnyDay Dental offer teeth more
Need Dentures? Get Outfitted by Your Local Dentist From AnyDay Dental, ,
Numerous factors can contribute to losing your natural teeth, including tooth decay, injury, and periodontal disease. The experienced and highly-skilled dentists at AnyDay more
Dentists From AnyDay Dental Explain Possible Causes For Toothaches, ,
Toothaches are common afflictions, but knowing that you are not alone doesn’t make the pain go away. Many people assume that cavities must always be the cause of toothaches, but the more
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