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5 Tips for Recovering From Wisdom Teeth Removal, Honolulu, Hawaii
Although it’s a common and routine dental procedure, getting your wisdom teeth removed is still considered surgery. Since it’s a surgical procedure, it requires a full recovery. Here are a few tips for successful healing. How to more
What Can I Do About a Chipped Tooth?, Honolulu, Hawaii
A chipped tooth requires an emergency trip to the dentist as soon as possible. However, there are steps you can take while waiting for your appointment to minimize discomfort and ensure the best chance of a successful repair. What more
Nuuanu - Punchbowl, HI Cosmetic Dentistry Businesses
Zen Dental Hawaii LLC, Teeth Whitening, Root Canals, Cosmetic Dentistry, Honolulu, Hawaii
1520 Liliha St, Ste 503
Honolulu, HI 96817-3564
(808) 532-5888
Maintaining a bright, healthy smile would not be possible without help from a quality dentist. In Honolulu, HI, there’s no better source of top-notch dental care than Zen Dental Hawaii. From teeth cleanings to teeth whitening to porcelai...
Jacqueline S. Brown DDS, Tooth Veneers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentists, Honolulu, Hawaii
1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 518
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 949-5644
For high-quality treatment and care from a leading dentist in Honolulu, HI, look no further than Jacqueline S. Brown, DDS. This family-friendly dental office offers an array of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures for patients ...
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4 Foods That Stain Your Teeth, Honolulu, Hawaii
When you think of colored substances that require you to get a teeth whitening treatment, beverages, like coffee and red wine, might come to mind. However, some of your more
5 Benefits of Dental Implants, Honolulu, Hawaii
While there are numerous options for replacing severely-damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are the only permanent solution. Titanium screws function as replacement tooth more
4 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed, Honolulu, Hawaii
Your wisdom teeth are molars in the back of the mouth, and they’re typically the last teeth to grow in. They also often need to be removed if the jaw doesn’t have enough space to more
4 Benefits of Tooth Extraction, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re experiencing a troublesome toothache, your dentist might recommend a tooth extraction to alleviate the discomfort. You might think it’s a scary and intimidating more
3 Effective Ways to Beat Bad Breath, Honolulu, Hawaii
Clinically referred to as halitosis, bad breath is an embarrassing, yet fairly common, dilemma. Foul breath is caused by poor dental hygiene, certain types of medication, and more
Do's & Don’ts of Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery, Honolulu, Hawaii
Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental care procedure in which the third set of molars are surgically extracted from the mouth to prevent painful impaction and infection. While more
How Can You Prevent Gum Disease?, Honolulu, Hawaii
According to the CDC, 47% of Americans 30 and older experience symptoms related to gum disease. Early treatment is crucial to prevent these symptoms from growing worse, as damage more
How Are Waxed & Unwaxed Floss Different for Teeth Cleaning?, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’re like most dental patients, you might not put much thought into the tools you use for daily teeth cleaning. Nowadays, however, there are dozens of products available more
3 Benefits of Mouthwash, Honolulu, Hawaii
Brushing, flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist are all crucial parts of your oral hygiene routine, but there are many reasons to include mouthwash as well. Even a more
Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Flossing, Honolulu, Hawaii
Thorough oral hygiene isn’t just about brushing your teeth. As your dentist will tell you, daily flossing is also essential to protect your gums. With September marking more
Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Between the ages of 17 and 25, you may notice your wisdom teeth coming in. These teeth grow in the back of the mouth behind your molars, but often develop sideways or crooked, more
Dentist Explains What Causes Teeth Staining, Honolulu, Hawaii
Many people rely on teeth whitening services to keep their smile looking as bright and healthy as possible. But what causes staining and discoloration in the first place? To more
Are You at an Increased Risk for Oral Cancer?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Since many of the symptoms of oral cancer are subtle, it can be hard to spot until its later stages. That’s why dentists recommend being aware of your level of risk and making more
How Good Oral Health Improves Your Confidence, Honolulu, Hawaii
Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just a health matter—it’s also an easy way to improve your confidence. Your smile is a large part of what people notice when they meet you. more
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