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What Parents Should Know About Popcorn & Dental Care, Ash Flat, Arkansas
January 19 is National Popcorn Day, and it's the perfect time to both celebrate the wonders of this delicious treat and be aware of its effect on dental care, especially in children. While popcorn is a safe and healthy snack, some more
The Do's & Don'ts of Eating Candy Canes, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Candy canes are a festive holiday delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages. While there's no harm in occasionally indulging in these sweet treats, dentists suggest being mindful of your oral health whenever you partake. To protect your more
Ash Flat, AR Cosmetic Dentistry Businesses
All About Smiles Family Dental, Dentists, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Ash Flat, Arkansas
1171 Hwy 62/412
Ash Flat, AR 72513
At All About Smiles Family Dental, every patient is treated like a member of the dental family! Located conveniently in Ash Flat, AR, this full-service practice offers comprehensive dental care and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ...
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How Can I Prevent Cavities?, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Cavities often result from poor oral hygiene. Spots of decay occur when food debris and bacteria are left to linger, and if left untreated, this decay will require extensive dental more
5 Popular Thanksgiving Foods & How They Affect Your Teeth, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Excellent dental care involves more than just brushing your teeth at least twice daily and having regular cleanings at the dentist’s office – it also has to do with what more
What You Need to Know About Spinach Teeth, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Leafy, green spinach is a staple of salads and a healthy diet. But, have you ever asked your family dentist why your teeth feel funny after enjoying this famous vegetable? October more
3 Tips on Finding a Great Family Dentist, Ash Flat, Arkansas
A wonderful family dentist is integral to ensure a healthy smile for life. That’s why it’s important to find a local dental office that capably meets your needs, as well as the oral more
The Top Causes of Cavities, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Cavities are created by the presence of acidic conditions in the mouth and the activity of bacteria that destroys the enamel of the teeth. The causes of tooth decay are easy to more
What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Brushing Your Teeth, Ash Flat, Arkansas
During each visit to the family dentist, your oral health expert will remind you to brush at least twice a day. While it’s often drilled into your mind, you may not more
How to Select the Right Toothbrush for Maintaining Your Dental Care, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Your toothbrush is probably one of the most important devices you own. It protects your teeth and gums from cavities and gingivitis, and while doing so, also safeguards the health more
A Dental Care Team's Top 5 Cavity-Prevention Tips, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Cavities don’t just hurt—they’re a sign that bacteria is eating away at your teeth. If left unaddressed, they could result in major damage. That’s why dental care professionals more
What Are Root Canals & How Are They Performed by Dentists?, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Because root canals sound like an incredibly invasive procedure, most people are nervous when they hear that they need one, even though most dentists perform this important more
4 Kinds of Sedation Dentistry & What to Expect, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Dental related anxiety is an incredibly common problem, even for adults. Fortunately, through the science of sedation dentistry, you can lay back and relax while your dentist more
3 of the Best Dentist Tips for Helping a Child Overcome a Fear of Dental Appointments, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Regular teeth cleaning and monitoring are particularly important for growing children, but getting in the chair at the dentist’s office can be scary for young kids. By choosing the more
3 Teeth Cleaning Tips You Haven't Heard Yet, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Everyone knows they should be brushing and flossing their teeth on a regular basis, but All About Smiles Family Dental in Hardy, AR, helps their patients achieve their absolute best more
Side Effects of Teeth Whitening for Kids & Adults, Ash Flat, Arkansas
Have you considered visiting the dentist for teeth whitening? Whether it’s for yourself or your children, you should always consider the possible side effects that may result from more
I'd Rather Have a Root Canal Than...., Ash Flat, Arkansas
  I'd Rather Have a Root Canal Than...   Do the laundry? Speak in front of people? Go sky-diving…. The root canal gets a bad rap, but it's a procedure that can be more
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