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How New York's Best Dentists Meet the Special Needs of Children & Infants, Manhattan, New York
Everyone has their own unique needs when they visit the dentist, and that goes doubly so for children and infants, whose teeth and mouths are still developing. The dentists and support staff at United Dental Group of New York, NY more
NYC’s Best Dentists Explain How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night, Manhattan, New York
Teeth grinding can pose a serious threat to your oral health. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth while they sleep. If you’re wondering what you can do to stop this bad habit, the experienced dentists at& more
Theater District, NY Cosmetic Dentistry Businesses
FlossNYC, Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Dentists, New York, New York
30 Central Park South, Suite 7D
New York, NY 10019
(212) 486-7574
The team at FlossNYC is committed to dental care as a crucial component of overall wellness, and they strive to help clients make healthy choices, in the dentist office and beyond. When you want your healthy smile to last a lifetime, you...
United Dental Group, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Business Services, New York, New York
4 East 46th St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 904-0300
UDG manages several dental facilities that offer affordable, high quality dental care for all your dental needs. The doctors and staff we support can perform anything from general, cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry. The...
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New York's Best Dentist Shares Information About Dry Mouth Syndrome, Manhattan, New York
Finding a solution for dry mouth syndrome is not as challenging as dealing with pain related to a root canal, but the condition can still cause discomfort among patients. Dry mouth more
Keep Your Teeth Clean & Your Dentist Happy While Wearing Braces, Manhattan, New York
It's no secret — you lack the passion of a dentist when it comes to oral hygiene. But if you have braces, it's important that you keep good cleaning habits as best as you can. As more
FlossNYC's Expert Dentist Explains How to Treat Dry Mouth, Manhattan, New York
At FlossNYC, dentist Ragini Singla and her committed support staff understand how uncomfortable dry mouth can be. Dry mouth, otherwise known as xerostomia, happens when your more
Why Do Teeth Shift? Dentists at NYC's United Dental Group Explain, Manhattan, New York
During your lifetime, your teeth will shift as molars tend to move forward while premolars tend to move backward. This natural movement allows the body to maintain proper tooth more
United Dental Group Shares the Life-Changing Potential of Implant-Supported Dentures, Manhattan, New York
If you wear dentures, you know that security is the key to keeping you smiling. Affecting everything from the way you speak to the foods you eat, ill-fitting dentures can ruin your more
How Visiting Your Dentist Contributes to Your Overall Health, Manhattan, New York
For over 20 years, United Dental Group has been providing New York City with top-quality dental services in a relaxing environment. From routine teeth cleaning to more more
FlossNYC Explains How to Prevent Teeth Grinding, Manhattan, New York
FlossNYC is Manhattan's favorite dentist. Located in Midtown East, these oral care specialists are known by patients of all ages as the friendliest, most professional dentists more
New York City Dentist Offers Advice on Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Manhattan, New York
For top-quality dental care that fits into your schedule, turn to the experts at FlossNYC. Under the care and guidance of Dr. Ragini Singla, FlossNYC patients are treated to more
Dentist-Approved Fluoride Facts From United Dental Group, Manhattan, New York
Fluoride is probably already part of your oral health regimen. Even so, many people don’t understand the immense value of this incredible mineral. In an age when the Internet more
​At FlossNYC, Overall Health Starts With a Trip to the Dentist, Manhattan, New York
Keeping up with oral care should be a top priority in everyone's daily routine. FlossNYC, located on Central Park South in New York City, has a philosophy that revolves around the more
​3 Reasons You Might Want A Dentist to Replace Your Silver Fillings, Manhattan, New York
Depending on when and where you had dental work done in the past, you might be familiar with those old silver fillings that have since made way for more up-to-date material, and you more
Learn ​Why It's Important to Visit a Dentist For More Dental X-Rays, Manhattan, New York
People can be impressively dedicated when it comes to avoiding the dentist, but sometimes you just have to realize you're better off in the hands of an expert. That's exactly what more
NYC Dentists Share 4 Facts About Smoking & Oral Health, Manhattan, New York
Most people know that smoking isn't good for your overall health and causes cancer, but few people think of the effects that smoking has on your oral health. The dentists at more
NYC's Best Dentists Share 5 Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay, Manhattan, New York
It’s pretty common knowledge that tooth decay can lead to cavities and a host of other serious dental issues that could require oral surgery to fix. However, it may surprise you to more
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