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What Causes Cardiomegaly?, Dothan, Alabama
Cardiologists use the term "cardiomegaly" to refer to an enlarged heart. This situation is dangerous if left untreated, but to fix the problem, you need to first identify the cause. This guide explains some of the most common causes of more
Cardiologist Offers Information on Arrhythmias, Dothan, Alabama
From fatigue and dizziness to a fluttering in the chest, there are numerous symptoms associated with an arrhythmia. Cardiologists warn many of the symptoms can be easy to miss or can be chalked up to another condition, so it’s crucial more
Houston, AL Cardiology Businesses
Southeast Cardiology Clinic Inc., Doctors, Cardiology, Dothan, Alabama
1150 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 712-1929
When caring for one’s overall well-being, heart health should remain at the forefront of overall wellness. The team of experienced cardiologists at Southeast Cardiology Clinic in Dothan, AL, recognizes the vital importance of this area o...
Premier Cardiology Consultants, Doctors, Vascular Surgeon, Cardiology, Dothan, Alabama
1118 Ross Clark Cir
Dothan, AL 36301
(334) 699-6396
Heart issues are a potential problem for anyone, which is why taking advantage of screenings from an experienced cardiologist is important to your health. At Premier Cardiology Consultants in Cowarts, AL, patients will receive quality he...
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How to Prevent Heart Disease, Dothan, Alabama
Preventing heart disease and cardiovascular problems is one of the most important precautions you can take. Thankfully, there are many ways to live a lifestyle of more
What Is Cardiac Catheterization?, Dothan, Alabama
Cardiac catheterization is a method of both diagnosing and treating certain heart conditions. This procedure is usually performed by a cardiologist in a hospital setting more
What Is Diabetic Heart Disease?, Dothan, Alabama
Diabetes is one of the most prevalent medical conditions and is accompanied by a number of risk factors and associated ailments. People with it are especially susceptible to heart more
Ask a Cardiologist: What Is a Cardiac MPI Test?, Dothan, Alabama
With so many different factors contributing to your cardiovascular health, it’s essential to take proper care of your heart. This includes seeing a cardiologist as needed for more
5 Cardiologist-Recommended Heart-Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diet, Dothan, Alabama
It’s no secret that heart disease is a major concern for most Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in both more
Can the Damage Caused By a Heart Attack Be Reversed?, Dothan, Alabama
According to the American College of Cardiology, one person in the U.S. dies from a heart attack every 40 seconds. For those that survive, much thought is given to whether more
5 Heart Disease Symptoms to Know About, Dothan, Alabama
Heart disease is one of the top killers in developed nations. That’s why it’s important to recognize its common symptoms. You don’t want to wait until you suffer a heart attack to more
What Should I Know About Low Blood Pressure?, Dothan, Alabama
In general, low is better than high when it comes to your blood pressure reading. While low blood pressure on its own is not necessarily cause for concern, when it is accompanied by more
How Alcohol Consumption Relates to Heart Disease, Dothan, Alabama
While drinking in moderation — two drinks per day for men or one for women — may offer added protection from heart disease, drinking in excess is shown to negate any benefits and& more
Understanding Hypertension: What It Does & How to Manage It, Dothan, Alabama
Hypertension is a dangerous condition for many reasons; however, the fact that those suffering from it often don’t notice any symptoms is of particular concern. That’s why the more
5 Common Symptoms of a Heart Attack, Dothan, Alabama
Recognizing a heart attack is rarely as simple as feeling a pain in your chest and knowing immediately what’s happening. The attack often manifests in other ways. It’s important to more
Important Heart Disease Risk Factors to Know, Dothan, Alabama
Heart disease is cited as the cause of approximately one in three deaths in the U.S. Lowering your risk of developing this deadly condition is crucial, and the team at Premier more
High Blood Pressure Treatment: 5 Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally, Dothan, Alabama
If you suffer from hypertension or related conditions, it’s important to seek high blood pressure treatment from a professional. That said, there are steps you can take to more
5 Important Reasons to See Your Cardiologist, Dothan, Alabama
If you’re in danger of developing heart disease or have a condition like high blood pressure, visiting a cardiologist regularly can help keep you healthy and out of the more
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