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Why You Should Perform a Breast Self-Exam Every Month, Lincoln, Nebraska
The average woman doesn't have to undergo regular mammograms until age 35 to 45, but everyone should perform periodic self-exams upon finishing puberty. Inspecting your breasts closely for abnormal lumps is the first line of defense agai...read more
What Are Common Symptoms of Bladder Control Issues?, Lincoln, Nebraska
The loss of bladder control, known as urinary incontinence, is a common issue as women age. But it isn’t an inevitable aspect of aging. If you’re wondering whether you could be experiencing this condition, discover some co...read more
Pleasant Dale, NE Women's Health Services Businesses
Women's Clinic of Lincoln PC, Mammography, Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Lincoln, Nebraska
220 Lyncrest Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510
With all that they carry on their plates, it’s no wonder that women sometimes forget to put their physical health at the top of their priority list. The Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. in Lincoln, NE, understands the many responsibilitie...
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A Quick Guide to Menopause, Lincoln, Nebraska
Going through menopause can be nerve-wracking for any woman, especially since it can be tricky to know what to expect. Learn more about the condition so you know when to head to a wo...read more
4 Qualities You Need in a Gynecologist, Lincoln, Nebraska
When choosing a gynecologist, you should prioritize certain services and characteristics. To help you find the right specialist, here are a few factors to keep in mind.  4 Chec...read more
4 FAQ About Birth Control, Lincoln, Nebraska
Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, so many women take them. Although birth control has been around for quite some time, there’s still a lot of misinformation about it. If you’ve ...read more
4 Medical Conditions That Can Cause Female Infertility, Lincoln, Nebraska
As many as 10% of couples have fertility challenges , which can be attributed to a number of factors. Although age and certain lifestyle factors can make it harder for women to ...read more
What You Need to Know About Endometriosis, Lincoln, Nebraska
Of all the conditions women’s health care providers treat, endometriosis is one of the most common. As many as 10% of all women have an active diagnosis. However, even though it’s in...read more
5 FAQ About Mammograms, Lincoln, Nebraska
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to learn more about the importance of mammograms.   A mammogram detects signs of ca...read more
3 Bone Health Tips for Avoiding Osteoporosis, Lincoln, Nebraska
As you age, osteoporosis becomes increasingly likely, especially for women. This condition is marked by the accelerated deterioration of bone tissue, which is faster than the rate at...read more
3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Mom, Lincoln, Nebraska
While busy moms often make kids their priority, self-care is also necessary to stay healthy. To keep your body in top shape, here are some women’s health care tips to incor...read more
FAQ About Urinary Incontinence, Lincoln, Nebraska
When it comes to women’s health care topics, the subject of urinary incontinence is embarrassing for many ladies. However, this condition is quite common, and getting the right ...read more
Why Is Your Period Irregular?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Every woman has a unique menstrual cycle. Some women can predict the exact hour their period will come, while others have a two-day window. But overall, the average period is six to ...read more
A Guide to SmartLipo™, Lincoln, Nebraska
If diet and exercise aren’t working and you feel like you need help to reach your desired body shape, SmartLipo™ may be the perfect solution. This aesthetic procedure ...read more
How to Survive Menopause During the Summer, Lincoln, Nebraska
Summer is the time to relax with friends and family in the nice weather, but relentless hot flashes can send you back inside for air conditioning. If you’re going through menopa...read more
3 Steps to Breast Self-Exams, Lincoln, Nebraska
Breast cancer is a fatal disease for many women, which is why physicians recommend patients follow a breast care regimen of routine mammograms and monthly breast self-exams. Early de...read more
A Guide to IUDs, Lincoln, Nebraska
If you’re in search of birth control, your gynecologist may have talked to you about intrauterine devices, also known as IUDs. An IUD is a T-shaped device about the size of a quarter...read more
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