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3 Tips for Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month, Fairfield, Ohio
May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month in the U.S. Osteoporosis is a condition in which minerals leach from your bones, leaving them weaker and more brittle. OB-GYNs often test for and treat this condition ...read more
Is Menopause Hormone Therapy Right for You?, Fairfield, Ohio
In menopause hormone therapy, you take medication containing female hormones your body no longer produces to treat uncomfortable symptoms. If you’re interested in this treatment option, the following guide will help y...read more
Monroe, CT Women's Health Services Businesses
OBGYN Associates, Inc., Women's Health Services, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Obgyn, Fairfield, Ohio
3050 Mack Rd , Suite 375
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 221-3800
At OBGYN Associates, Inc. in Fairfield and West Chester, Ohio, they stand by one simple, yet meaningful philosophy: enhance women’s health. Since opening in 1940, their team of healthcare professionals has focused on providing ...
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5 Common STD Myths, Fairfield, Ohio
April is STD Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to educate yourself about sexually transmitted diseases and get tested by your OB-GYN. According to the Centers of Disease Co...read more
Gardasil® Vaccine FAQ, Fairfield, Ohio
The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a viral infection that can be passed easily through skin-to-skin contact. Since it has more than 100 varieties and the ability to infect your mouth,...read more
4 FAQ About Endometriosis, Fairfield, Ohio
Endometriosis is a women’s health condition that causes the tissue that normally lines the uterus to grow outside of it. It affects approximately 10% of women in the U.S., which is w...read more
Common Questions About Hysterectomies, Fairfield, Ohio
Every year, nearly 600,000 women in the United States undergo hysterectomy procedures. While women discuss this treatment option with their OB-GYNs routinely, it’s natural ...read more
3 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant, Fairfield, Ohio
When you’re ready to have a child, conception can seem like a slow process. It’s important to be patient and meet with your gynecologist to make sure you’re healthy and physical...read more
3 Preventable Infertility Risk Factors for Women, Fairfield, Ohio
Infertility is sometimes the result of an unavoidable medical condition, but in other cases, risk factors can be avoided. Speak with your OB-GYN about specific issues, but ...read more
3 Reasons to Schedule Prenatal Genetic Testing, Fairfield, Ohio
From taking vitamins to abstaining from alcohol, expectant mothers take many steps to ensure their children are born with the best chance at healthy lives. That’s why many opt for pr...read more
4 FAQ About Birth Control Pills, Fairfield, Ohio
Birth control pills are used for a broad range of reasons, including controlling irregular periods and acne. Many women are interested in going on the pill and understandably have so...read more
4 FAQ About HPV Vaccines, Fairfield, Ohio
Women are more prone to certain types of cancer than men. Fortunately, the HPV vaccine can protect women against these conditions. To help you decide whether to see a gynecologist&nb...read more
When to See an OB-GYN for the First Time, Fairfield, Ohio
The first OB-GYN appointment establishes a communicative relationship with the doctor and allows young women to receive helpful information about their development. If you’re not sur...read more
4 Common Questions About Ultrasounds, Fairfield, Ohio
As a soon-to-be mom, it’s exciting to feel and watch your baby grow inside your belly. Through ultrasound technology, you can see all the developments happening in stunning...read more
What You Should Know About Gestational Diabetes, Fairfield, Ohio
During pregnancy, regular visits to your OB-GYN clinic will not only monitor your progress and help with symptoms but also test for health problems. One to be on ...read more
3 Factors to Know Before Your First Gynecologist Appointment, Fairfield, Ohio
Visiting a gynecologist is an important aspect of women’s health that may be scheduled as early as the age of 13. Yet some women delay this appointment until later, as pelv...read more
Why You Should Get Breast Cancer Screenings, Fairfield, Ohio
Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases to affect women. That’s why National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held annually in October, was created in 1985 t...read more
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