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5 Weight Management Tips for Pregnant Women, Lincoln, Nebraska
Some weight gain is perfectly normal during pregnancy. However, putting on too many pounds will affect your health and lead to problems like pregnancy-associated hypertension and complications during delivery. Below are a few simple weig...read more
What to Know about Your Metabolism & Your Weight Loss Diet, Lincoln, Nebraska
How can one person eat nonstop (it seems) and not gain weight, while another watches carefully and struggles to keep the weight off?  The answer is most likely the difference in metabolism, which includes muscle  mass...read more
Lincoln, NE Weight Loss Businesses
Max Muscle, Weight Loss, Health Store, Sports Nutrition, Lincoln, Nebraska
7301 S 27th St, Suite 140
Lincoln, NE 68512
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is the only national sports nutrition, vitamin, and supplement company. Max Muscle franchises have been the supplement and health industry’s leading providers since 1991. They provide the highest quality produ...
Nebraska Weight Management Institute, Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska
4535 Normal Blvd Ste 158
Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 483-4770
With so many rules about what to eat and when to work out, losing weight can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you have the right support, you will start to see results. At Nebraska Weight Management Institute, the licensed hea...
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Weight Management Workout: Tricks to Keep you Motivated, Lincoln, Nebraska
Exercise is important for losing and keeping weight off for long term.  What can you do to help keep your routine going strong? Sometimes you need a little push in the righ...read more
Five Tips to Make Sense of Losing Weight, Lincoln, Nebraska
Losing weight is a journey. Similar in ways to planning a vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking.  It starts with a dream, a want to do it! Next comes the crucial planning ste...read more
Mini Meals to Simplify Your Diet Plans, Lincoln, Nebraska
A Healthy Meal to lose weight should consist of a combination of foods that are mainly plant based but offer a good amount of protein and fiber.  To make a meal more satisfying ...read more
Weight Loss Tips for Social Settings, Lincoln, Nebraska
Let’s say you are in the groove of healthy eating, being active, and feeling great, and then you get invited out to eat. Do you feel anxious? You don’t want to lose your mo...read more
How Weight Management Can Improve Heart Health, Lincoln, Nebraska
In honor of American Heart Month this February, many people are taking a closer look at their cardiovascular well-being. While many factors contribute to a healthy heart,&n...read more
5 Tips for Weight Management After Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska
When a weight loss journey has transformed your confidence and lifestyle, you don't want to go backward. Unfortunately, about 80% of recent dieters have failed to retain their r...read more
Weight Loss Tips: Resisting the Urge to Overeat, Lincoln, Nebraska
Here are a few weight loss tips to help you resist the pull of not-so-healthy foods from David Kessler’s book, The End of Overeating. Stop the thought-  The first thing you can...read more
5 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Weight Loss Diet 2019!, Lincoln, Nebraska
Since eating healthier is one of the  most common New Year’s Resolutions this list can help you broaden your horizons for what to eat this year.  These options are not...read more
Are you ready for a Weight Loss Diet? Take this Quiz to find out!, Lincoln, Nebraska
Losing weight is the hot topic this time of year.  There are many ways to get started and many diets to follow, but what about the rest? The quiz below will give you an idea wha...read more
The Challenges to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Plans, Lincoln, Nebraska
Nutrition information, even though it can be complex, can be pretty simple too! Most people know what counts towards a healthy diet, right? We know we can’t eat donuts every mor...read more
Is your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight Fast? How to Make Plans that Stick, Lincoln, Nebraska
Come January 1st, all of the buzz seems to be about the best ways to lose weight and how to do it fast. But, why wait? No, in fact start now! Whatever day it is and whateve...read more
5 Tips to Add to Your Morning Routine to Help you Lose Weight, Lincoln, Nebraska
Your mornings are crazy right? Between the kids, dog, workout, and your morning commute, there’s not much extra time to plan your day. Here are 5 tips for your morning that will...read more
A Healthy Diet for the Entire Family Without Focusing on Weight Loss, Lincoln, Nebraska
The obesity epidemic, childhood diabetes, and other conditions have made it more important than ever to be conscious of your children’s diet. Poor eating can have lifelong conse...read more
Diet Plans: How to Manage your Sodium Intake?, Lincoln, Nebraska
Most Americans get far beyond the amount of Sodium that is a necessary part of a healthy diet.  In fact, according to the American Heart Association, the average American c...read more
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