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5 Ways Youth Athletes Can Prevent Sport Injuries, Ewa, Hawaii
From sprained ankles to concussions, there are many potential sports injuries that today’s youth athletes face. Fortunately, these dangers don’t have to keep kids from participating in their favorite activities like football, martial more
3 Ways to Reduce Painful Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, Ewa, Hawaii
Carpal tunnel can cause symptoms like pain, weakness, numbness, and tingling in the wrists, hands, and arms. Individuals who have this condition may struggle with daily tasks such as typing or writing, or experience mild more
Aiea, HI Physical Therapists Businesses
StayFIT Physical Therapy, LLC, Neurology, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapists, Aiea, Hawaii
99-128 Aiea Heights Dr., #207
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-0487
At StayFIT Physical Therapy, LLC our mission is to assist our patients to live an active, healthy lifestyle, free from pain or physical limitations through personalized education and treatment; to do so, we use effective communication, b...
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3 Ways You Can Prevent Whiplash , Ewa, Hawaii
Whiplash is a painful neck condition that often occurs because of rear-end car accidents. Specialized treatment can help alleviate whiplash side effects and help you regain comfort more
What's the Difference Between Occupational vs. Physical Therapy?, Ewa, Hawaii
Although occupational and physical therapy both help educate people on the prevention and management of injuries, they each have their distinct differences. For some helpful insight more
3 Tips for Managing Backpacks & Back Pain, Ewa, Hawaii
After a long and eventful summer filled with outdoor activities and beach vacations, it’s time for students to prepare for another school year. During your back-to-school shopping more
4 Summer Activities That Cause Back Pain, Ewa, Hawaii
Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors, whether you’re exercising, working in the garden, or participating in some other form of outdoor fun. However, there are a number of more
3 Common Causes of Headaches & How to Find Relief Through Physical Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
If you suffer from frequent headaches, you know how they can make work and daily life more difficult. There are a number of potential causes for headaches, and physical therapy can more
What Is Kinesio Tape? Physical Therapy Clinic Answers, Ewa, Hawaii
When an individual suffers a sports-related injury, they often seek treatment from a physical therapist to ensure a swift and full recovery. Kinesio tape is one of the most more
5 Useful Tips for Traveling With Back Pain, Ewa, Hawaii
Suffering from back pain means you are constantly altering the way you live and the activities you do. Often, it can even deter you from going anywhere at all. However, the team at more
Are You Experiencing Lower Back Pain? 3 Potential Causes, Ewa, Hawaii
Many people suffer from some degree of lower back pain. That’s because many different factors can cause it, from poor posture to injury. Regardless of the cause, if you experience more
How Physical Therapy Can Help Correct Years of Chronic Back Pain, Ewa, Hawaii
If you’ve been suffering from back pain that has persisted for weeks or even years, this is referred to as chronic back pain. While many people choose to treat this condition with more
Why Physical Therapy Is as Effective as Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ewa, Hawaii
Most people assume physical therapy is geared towards helping people recover from major injuries. While it does help in these instances, that’s not all it’s useful for. more
A Guide to Frozen Shoulder, From Oahu’s Best Physical Therapists, Ewa, Hawaii
Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is characterized by loss of motion in the joint and painful movement. Since there’s no single cause, you can’t necessarily more
Gout Flare-Ups & the Holidays: What to Avoid & How Physical Therapy Will Help, Ewa, Hawaii
Weight gain, flu bugs, and chronic stress tend to take the spotlight when people consider the health concerns of the holiday season. However, StayFIT Physical Therapy in Aiea, HI, more
Why Resistance Bands Should Be Part of Your Physical Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
Resistance bands are essentially large rubber bands you can implement into basic stretches and exercises in order to increase the resistance of each movement. Resistance band more
A Brief History of Physical Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii
October is National Physical Therapy Month in clinics throughout the country, and StayFIT Physical Therapy in Oahu is no exception. To honor the occasion, they’d like to talk more
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