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How the Gut-Brain Connection Affects Mental Health, Fairbanks, Alaska
When you tell a friend you’re feeling sad or upset, their first question will likely be, “what happened?” and not, “what have you been eating?” However, what goes into your digestive system can have a significant effect on your mental more
Mindfulness & Anxiety, Fairbanks, Alaska
Most people experience anxiety when facing a big exam, job interview, or another significant occasion. However, when anxiety becomes constant and uncontrollable, making even basic tasks difficult or frightening, you might more
Fairbanks North Star, AK Psychiatry Businesses
Fairbanks Psychiatric & Neurological Clinic APC, Neurology, Counseling, Psychiatry, Fairbanks, Alaska
1919 Lathrop St #220
Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 452-1739
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness, you may not be sure what to do next or who to turn to. Fairbanks Psychiatric & Neurological Clinic APC has provided caring therapy services to patients in the Alask...
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5 Tips for Combating Depression with Diet and Exercise, Fairbanks, Alaska
Depression is a serious condition that affects, and is affected by, both the mind and body. However, this condition’s connection to your physical health means that more
How Does Sleep Hygiene Impact Mental Health?, Fairbanks, Alaska
Sleep hygiene refers to the practices you adopt to get a good’s night rest. When you have good sleep hygiene, your body uses its natural restorative properties to replenish cells, more
Why Structure & Routine Are Important for Managing Mood Disorders, Fairbanks, Alaska
Living with a mood disorder can be challenging to manage, but it becomes much easier with a mindful and structured approach. In addition to therapy, establishing and more
Overcoming the Stigma Associated With Mental Illness, Fairbanks, Alaska
Despite the constant strides made in the field of mental health, there remains a stigma regarding mood disorders and other psychiatric illnesses. This stigma can have a more
Ways to Cope With Anxiety, Fairbanks, Alaska
If you are living with anxiety, you aren't alone. This mental health condition impacts an estimated 40 million adults in the United States — approximately 18% of the population. The more
The Importance of Structure for Children with ADHD, Fairbanks, Alaska
When your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you may wonder what you can do at home to reinforce the strategies your child may already be learning in therapy. One tactic to improve more
How Divorce Can Impact Teens, Fairbanks, Alaska
The Impact of Parental Divorce on Teens It’s tough for children when they find out their parents are getting a divorce. The experience can be especially difficult for teenagers. If more
Dealing With A Child Who Bullies, Fairbanks, Alaska
Taming Bullying Every school year, students who are bullied have excessive absences and, often, eventually, leave public school looking for refuge in charter schools, online and more
The Impact of Trauma on Children, Fairbanks, Alaska
A traumatic event is an experience that is too much, too soon, or too fast for our nervous system to handle and resolve. Traumatic events are just as stressful and life-altering for more
How to Resolve Conflicts with Teens , Fairbanks, Alaska
The challenges your teen faces are much different from those you faced when you were their age. Teens are notorious for being moody and unpredictable, but their behavior more
Understanding the Impact of Divorce on Young Children, Fairbanks, Alaska
Divorce is difficult for anyone to endure, but it can have a highly distressing impact on children. It’s important that you understand how your child may process and respond to the more
Understanding a Child With ADHD, Fairbanks, Alaska
Although raising a child with ADHD presents parents with many unexpected challenges, it is also a uniquely rewarding experience. This condition makes it tougher for kids to more
Helping Your Child Cope With Grief, Fairbanks, Alaska
Death is a difficult experience no matter your age; and for children trying to understand it, it can be especially hard. As a parent, it’s important to know what avenues you more
A Guide to Co-Regulation for Parents, Fairbanks, Alaska
Co-regulation is an interactive process that helps a child self-regulate their emotions. Co-regulation is a cluster of specific actions by caregivers and others which will more
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