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3 Ways to Prevent Toe Fungus, High Point, North Carolina
Toe fungus results from fungus getting into the cracks in your nails and skin. Initially, you might notice a white or yellow spot under your nail, but over time, the nail can become discolored and thick, and the infection can s...read more
3 Essential Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist, High Point, North Carolina
Most people don’t realize how essential foot health is until a problem arises. When foot pain, deformities, or other problems occur, your best course of action is to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist as soon as possible. A skille...read more
High Point, NC Podiatrists Businesses
High Point Foot Center, Foot Doctor, Podiatry, Podiatrists, High Point, North Carolina
6425 Old Plank Rd.
High Point, NC 27265
(336) 882-2070
Sometimes we don’t realize how important things are to us until it’s too late, and the same can be said for the importance of our feet. For one of the best podiatrists in Highpoint, NC, visit High Point Foot Center for a foot specialist ...
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ALL TOES ON DECK, High Point, North Carolina
Hiking, sightseeing, relaxing on the beach- however you spend your vacation, your feet will carry you through it all. Keep these tips in mind to prevent foot predicaments and enjoy f...read more
3 Reasons Feet May Become Dry, High Point, North Carolina
Dry skin can result in pain or flaking, which can be a nuisance on your feet. However, this is a common issue that has many potential causes. Review some of the most frequent be...read more
What to Know About Heel Bone Breaks, High Point, North Carolina
Any type of fracture can cause significant pain. If you break your calcaneus, or heel bone, it’s important to understand what to expect and how to tell if your heel pain is from a fr...read more
What Is Claw Toe?, High Point, North Carolina
If you’ve ever felt like your toes were digging into the soles of your shoes, it could be due to a condition called claw toe. While you should speak with a podiatrist to fully u...read more
How to Care for an Ingrown Toenail, High Point, North Carolina
An ingrown toenail is a common condition in which the edge or corner of the toenail starts growing into the skin. This can create constant discomfort and, if left alone, may become i...read more
A Brief Guide to Flat Feet, High Point, North Carolina
Although flat feet are common and generally harmless, they can sometimes lead to more serious issues. They can place undue stress on your knees and ankles, causing mil...read more
How to Tell When a Foot Is Broken, High Point, North Carolina
A broken foot is a painful injury that could be caused by an automobile, athletic, or stumbling accident. Additionally, while most feet heel completely, it could result in serious co...read more
What Is an Achilles Tendon Tear?, High Point, North Carolina
The Achilles tendon makes it possible to run, jump, and walk, as this network of fibers stabilizes the calf and ankle. As the tendon is directly linked to movement, it’s po...read more
What Causes Athlete’s Foot?, High Point, North Carolina
Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that can affect the skin of your feet, toenails, or hands. While the infection isn’t serious, it can be difficult to cure and is uncomfort...read more
An Introduction to Hammertoes, High Point, North Carolina
If you have noticed your toe constantly rubbing against your shoe or it’s becoming painful to bend your toes, consider visiting your podiatrist to see if you have a hammert...read more
A Brief Guide to Bunions, High Point, North Carolina
A bunion is a common foot issue that can affect anyone of any age. Despite the prevalence of bunions, many people don’t know exactly what they are or what causes them. To help you ma...read more
What is a Lisfranc Injury?, High Point, North Carolina
The Lisfranc joint and ligament are found in the middle, or arch, of the foot. Injuries to this area can range from mild to severe, and treatment by a podiatrist is usually requ...read more
How to Tell If Your Toe Is Broken, High Point, North Carolina
If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on the corner of your bed frame or dropped something substantial on it, you know the pain can be intense and linger. However, it can be challenging to...read more
3 Daily Habits for Diabetic Foot Care, High Point, North Carolina
Diabetic foot care is an important concern for those suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Poor blood circulation to the feet can make it more difficult for your body to heal bru...read more
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