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How to Tell the Difference Between a Cold & the Flu, Clarksville, Maryland
Colds and the flu are caused by viruses that produce similar symptoms. People may self-diagnose themselves with one when it’s the other. To get the proper treatment, you need to understand the differences and take steps to more
How to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter, Clarksville, Maryland
Although it’s true that the colder months are known as cold and flu season, and you’re more likely to find yourself in the pharmacy looking for relief during this season, it doesn't have to be this way. With a few simple preventive more
Baltimore, MD Pharmacies Businesses
Columbia Hickory Pharmacy, AIDS & HIV Specialists, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacies, Columbia, Maryland
10805 Hickory Ridge Rd
Columbia, MD 21044
From refilling prescriptions to answering questions on medication, a local pharmacy is an integral part of every community’s healthcare system. Columbia Hickory Pharmacy in Columbia, MD, knows how important it is to offer locally oriente...
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When Should You Get a Flu Shot?, Clarksville, Maryland
Every year, it’s wise to get a flu vaccine to prevent you from getting the virus. You may wonder whether it’s really helpful or necessary to get the shot more
Do's & Don'ts After an Eczema Flareup, Clarksville, Maryland
Living with eczema poses certain challenges. Not only are flareups incredibly uncomfortable because of the itching, but they can also cause considerable embarrassment. Thankfully, more
What You Should Know About High Cholesterol, Clarksville, Maryland
Cholesterol is an essential part of the body, but too much of it can be unhealthy. While small amounts of this waxy substance help build the membrane around each of your cells, in more
What Should You Know About Eczema?, Clarksville, Maryland
Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin disorder known to impact about 18 million adults and 9.6 million children in the U.S. Characterized by patches of red, more
A Guide to Blood Pressure Readings, Clarksville, Maryland
Approximately 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. Given the prevalence and seriousness of this issue, everyone should be aware of their blood pressure numbers and how to more
4 Tips for Managing a Chronic Condition in College, Clarksville, Maryland
If you have a chronic health condition, going to away to college may be a stressful thought. From going to the doctor to refilling your prescriptions at the pharmacy, you’ll more
3 Ways to Minimize Allergies This Spring, Clarksville, Maryland
Springtime brings sunshine and blue skies, but, for many individuals, it also signals the onset of allergy season. Symptoms range from mild to severe and can include anything from more
Can Fluctuating Temperatures Make You Sick?, Clarksville, Maryland
Many people turn to the pharmacy for medication when the weather changes drastically. From catching a common cold to allergy flareups, a dramatic drop and rise in more
How Does The Flu Spread?, Clarksville, Maryland
While flu season peaks during the winter, this virus can spread well into spring. By understanding how the flu virus functions and why it’s imperative to get a flu vaccine, you more
Do’s & Don’ts to Prevent Dry Skin This Winter, Clarksville, Maryland
Dry, winter air can affect your skin, dehydrating it and leading to cracking and discomfort. Long-term exposure may lead to damage and signs of aging, which is why it’s more
4 Reasons to Visit Your Local Pharmacy This Cold Season, Clarksville, Maryland
If you’re feeling under the weather this season, you might not have time to visit your doctor. Fortunately, your local pharmacy has several resources to help you manage the common more
5 Reasons Your Family Needs Flu Vaccines, Clarksville, Maryland
With the flu season in full swing, you might be wondering whether you should get vaccines for you and your family. If you already had the flu shot last year, or you’ve more
What is Eczema? 4 FAQs, Clarksville, Maryland
Eczema is a common skin condition that consists of red, itchy, and dry spots on the skin caused by inflammation. The condition is common—and it’s not contagious—as more
Pharmacy Explains Why You Get Sick When Seasons Change , Clarksville, Maryland
Autumn on the East Coast is a beautiful thing, with fair, cool weather and an abundance of colorful foliage. However, fall is also the start of cold and flu season, and it’s more
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