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I Can Have It Some Other Time, Denver, Colorado
Food for thought as you enter another holiday season: This simple phrase may help you overcome your cravings, says a recent study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When people were served M&Ms and instructed to more
Maintain Your Weight This Holiday Season, Denver, Colorado
The holiday season is just round the corner and for many people it is time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately this is also the time of the year when people over eat and gain weight. On average, this holiday binge eating more
Castle Rock, CO Fitness Trainers Businesses
Mile High Fitness, Fitness Trainers, Nutrition, Fitness Classes, Denver, Colorado
In today's fast-paced and busy world, many people find themselves sacrificing health and wellness to the demands of a hectic and crowded schedule. In Denver, Mile High Fitness solves this problem with an innovative approach perfect that ...
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Fitness During Fall Season, Denver, Colorado
Most people put in a lot of physical effort throughout spring and summer to keep their bodies fit and trim. Come Fall, many people put their sports gear away, wait for the holiday more
Healthcare Wearables: What the Future Holds, Denver, Colorado
Not that long ago, the only way people could monitor many health-related issues was through time-consuming and expensive appointments with their physician. For example, those with more
Sleep Like an Athlete, Denver, Colorado
You already know that sleep plays an important role in our health, but did you know that is also plays an important role for the athletes competing in endurance events, including more
So many choices of apples - is there a difference?, Denver, Colorado
Most people know apples are good for you, but just how healthy are they and is there a healthiest apple in the world? Actually there is. A recent scientific study, conducted at the more
The Benefits of Foam Rolling, Denver, Colorado
Maybe you’ve seen the long, foam tubes in the gym, but are not sure what the purpose is, or how you use it. Foam rollers are relatively new to the fitness scene and are effective in more
Healthy Snacks for a Healthier You, Denver, Colorado
You spend most of your waking hours at work, but often only have one meal during that time. It is not surprising that you often need a little something to get you through your day, more
Mile High Fitness & Wellness Is the Right Choice for Your Corporate Wellness Program, Denver, Colorado
These days, a strong corporate wellness program is attractive in the eyes of many employees. Enrolling in a quality fitness program is a positive for the employer as well — more
3 Reasons to Try Boot Camp Workouts, Denver, Colorado
Whether you want to trim down or tone up, sticking to a fitness program is challenging, especially if you don’t have any outside support. With regular boot camp workouts, however,& more
Summer Workout Safety Tips, Denver, Colorado
Summer is a great time to get fit. You can run, cycle, swim, hike and do other athletic activities outside. However, you need to know how to stay safe during your workouts. Don't more
Do Your Homework Before Buying Your Next Best Pair of Athletic Running Shoes, Denver, Colorado
When you're on the trails, track or streets, you don't want to have to be worrying about your feet. Finding the right pair of running shoes can be considered an art form in some more
The Importance of Good Form While Exercising, Denver, Colorado
You’ve probably seen the lady hanging over the bars on the elliptical, or the guy who barely bends his arms while doing chest presses. Hopefully you know by now that when you do a more
Denver Personal Trainers Promote Health at Home & in the Workplace, Denver, Colorado
Companies and corporations are often unaware that they can lower their employee insurance premiums by implementing a corporate wellness program. These unique and innovative programs more
How to Safely Exercise in the Heat, Denver, Colorado
Summer is a great time of year to spend time outdoors, but with the dog days of summer fast approaching, exercising outdoors in the extreme heat comes with some risks. Here are some more
Hate Exercise? Try These Activities Instead, Denver, Colorado
There is no denying that incorporating exercise into your daily life is important. You could even say our lives depend on it. But if going to the gym or running for any distance more
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