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Common Questions About Macular Degeneration, White Oak, Ohio
The eye is made up of a complex series of parts, and each plays a crucial role in the way we view the world around us. The macula is at the center of the retina, which lines the back of the eye, and is what allows a person to s...read more
Why Are Corneal Transplants Necessary?, White Oak, Ohio
For many people, vision problems can be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. Some people even have eye surgery to repair their vision and reduce or eliminate their need for corrective lenses. However, in some cases, ...read more
White Oak, OH Optometrists Businesses
Dr. Michael R. Schmit, Contact Lenses, Eye Exams, Optometrists, Cincinnati, Ohio
5823 Cheviot Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45427
(513) 741-8811
Your eyes are one of the most essential and precious organs in your body, so finding an eye doctor who is determined to protect your eyesight is crucial to your overall health. With help from experienced optometrist Dr. Michael R. S...
Midwest Eye Center: A Division of TriState Centers for Sight, Optometrists, Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Cincinnati, Ohio
6779 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45239
(513) 741-1313
Whether you’re dealing with cloudy or obstructed vision, there are a number of reasons why having laser eye surgery may be the right option for you. When selecting an eye surgeon to rectify your situation, go to the doctor other doctors ...
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How Latisse® Can Lengthen Your Eyelashes, White Oak, Ohio
The idea that there’s a medication on the market that can dramatically change the length, thickness, and number of eyelashes is hard to believe. The inventors were surprise...read more
Everything You Need to Know About Eye Styes, Colerain, Ohio
If your lower eyelid begins to swell or develop a bump, it could be a stye. This affliction is usually mild and treatable at home, but in more severe cases, you may need to cons...read more
What Is Retinal Detachment?, White Oak, Ohio
One of the key concerns of an optometrist is the health of the retina, which is a thin layer of light-sensitive nerve cells at the back of each eye. Without healt...read more
What Is Shingles? , White Oak, Ohio
Good eye care includes identifying and treating conditions that may affect vision but do not originate in the eyes. If you had chickenpox as a child, you may be prone to develop...read more
Common Questions About Qualifying for LASIK Eye Surgery, White Oak, Ohio
LASIK eye surgery can be life-changing—letting you clearly see without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. But as simple and beneficial as the surgery is, it’s not right fo...read more
How to Safeguard Your Eyes While Working on Your Home, Colerain, Ohio
Home improvements increase the beauty and function of your space. Whether you’re planning to install cabinets or open up the floor plan, it’s important to wear the proper protective ...read more
How Old Should Children Be Before They Wear Contacts?, Colerain, Ohio
Whether it’s due to feeling self-conscious about wearing eyeglasses or finding them uncomfortable, many children express interest in contact lenses. If your child has been asking to ...read more
5 Causes of Dry Eyes, White Oak, Ohio
Nearly everyone has dry eyes at some point, but for many, the irritation is a real problem. This condition requires specialized eye care to limit discomfort and improv...read more
4 Steps to Prepare for LASIK Surgery, White Oak, Ohio
LASIK eye surgery requires careful preparation. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, and taking the proper steps will create the best circumstances for you and your surgeon. Use t...read more
Commonly Asked Questions About Cataracts, White Oak, Ohio
As we age, our risk for certain eye conditions increases. Cataracts are among the most common eye issues, occurring in half of all individuals over the age of 80....read more
An Introduction to Glaucoma Symptoms & Treatment, White Oak, Ohio
As we age, changes in our eyesight are normal. Some people experience a shift in vision and require glasses or contacts, while others may experience more severe changes, such as...read more
FAQ About Strabismus, Colerain, Ohio
Maintaining your eye care involves a multitude of factors, from regular appointments with the doctor to addressing vision problems when you notice symptoms. Strabismus is a condition...read more
What Is 20/20 Vision?, White Oak, Ohio
20/20 vision is a term eye doctors use to describe healthy eyesight. It’s a measurement of how well the average individual can read a standard chart. Here’s a closer look at how 20/2...read more
What to Know About Diabetic Retinopathy, White Oak, Ohio
Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition common in older people who have had diabetes for many years. When blood sugar levels are uncontrolled, blood vessels in the retinas may ...read more
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