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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage, Ewa, Hawaii
The sun may provide the body with vitamin D, but it can cause severe damage to the eyes. Changes to the ozone layer give ultraviolet light the opportunity to cause growths and cataracts. Eye cancer can also develop from years o...read more
What 20/20 Vision Means & How It's Measured, Ewa, Hawaii
To assess vision changes, you need to keep up with regular eye doctor appointments. During eye exams, optometrists measure central vision. By analyzing the results, they can determine what steps must be taken to ensure a patient see...read more
Aiea, HI Optometrists Businesses
Nelson O. Yoshioka, Jr., O.D. | Cheryl C. Niitani, O.D., Eyeglasses, Optometrists, Eye Care, Pearl City, Hawaii
850 Kamehameha Hwy , #114
Pearl City, HI 96782
(808) 455-3333
If you are experiencing blurry vision or getting headaches from eye strain, it is time to see an optometrist. Without proper treatment, your eyesight may continue to worsen and could result in the need for a more severe prescription or t...
Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates, Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Aiea, Hawaii
98-1247 Kaahumanu St
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-5500
Dr. Edwin Y. Endo, O.D. & Associates is Oahu’s finest source for eye care. As a yearly recipient of the Best Optometrists award by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Dr. Edwin Y. Endo, O.D. & Associates has a well-established rep...
Hawaii Vision Clinic Inc, Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Aiea, Hawaii
99-128 Aiea Heights Dr
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-7938
Hawaii Vision Clinic Inc. is a comprehensive eye care center led by ophthalmologist Dr. William K. Wong, Jr., who has been recognized by local publications as one of the “Best Doctors in America” and “Hawaii’s Best Doctors.” In...
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Is My Child Old Enough to Wear Contact Lenses?, Ewa, Hawaii
Nearly four million kids under 18 wear contact lenses. If your little one is squinting more often, they may be a candidate for this form of eyesight corrections. Use this g...read more
Preventing Corona Virus Infection , Ewa, Hawaii
Aug 2, 2020 As the corona virus cases increase throughout the nation and world, we really need to avoid business and schools shutdown and we all need to contribute and be pruden...read more
Fireworks and Eye Safety, Ewa, Hawaii
Fireworks Safety Tips Avoid a potentially blinding fireworks injury is by attending a professional, public fireworks show rather than purchasing fireworks for home use. For those...read more
3 Signs You May Be a Candidate for LASIK, Ewa, Hawaii
When you have poor eyesight and rely on eyeglasses or contacts, you may dream of a day free from supplemental vision aids. With the help of modern treatments, like LASIK eye sur...read more
A Guide to Dry Eye Syndrome, Ewa, Hawaii
If your vision and quality of life are impacted by dry, itchy eyes, you may be experiencing an eye condition. Dry eye syndrome is defined by a stinging or burning feeling in the...read more
How to Manage Eye Allergies in the Spring , Ewa, Hawaii
Seasonal allergies can affect your eyes in many ways. Itchy, dry, or watery eyes, as well as discomfort wearing contact lenses, are common side effects of springtime allergies. ...read more
What Are Cataracts?, Ewa, Hawaii
Cataracts affect more than 24 million Americans over the age of 40 and about 50% of Americans over 75. This issue occurs when the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy an...read more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Eye Care, Ewa, Hawaii
Your eyesight is essential, but it can be fragile, depending on how you treat it. Since it can diminish over time, do what you can to maintain it. This eye care guide will ...read more
What's Astigmatism?, Ewa, Hawaii
While blurry vision has several causes, astigmatism is one of the most common. It occurs when the cornea, or the clear front section of the eye, isn’t completely round. Irregular cor...read more
What Are the Signs of Glaucoma? , Ewa, Hawaii
Glaucoma is a condition that causes pressure in the eye, resulting in nerve compression, decrease ocular blood perfusion and potential vision loss. Being able to recognize ...read more
Just in: Hydroxyquinolone for Coronavirus CoVid-19 revised 07/02/2020, Ewa, Hawaii
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - A Comprehensive Guide on Coronavirus Sars 2 Updated 07/09/2020 John Hopkins Hot Spots Just in! July 2 2020: Treatment with Hydroxychloroquin...read more
3 Tips for Managing Dry Eyes, Ewa, Hawaii
Dry, itchy eyes can create constant discomfort. It occurs when lifestyle and environmental factors dehydrate your eyes. Significant cases can impair vision. It’s important to manage ...read more
How to Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean, Ewa, Hawaii
Contact lenses give people an easy, effective way to correct their vision without worrying about bulky eyeglasses. However, contact lens care is crucial for your eye health, esp...read more
A Guide to Presbyopia & Eye Care, Ewa, Hawaii
Vision often changes over time. For many people, this entails a gradual decline of up-close vision, which is known as presbyopia. While it’s not necessarily a serious condition, it c...read more
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