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How Are Optometrists & Ophthalmologists Different?, Stallings, North Carolina
When seeking an eye care professional, you may notice there are two main areas of practice to choose from. Both optometrists and ophthalmologists provide ocular services, but their scope of work is somewhat different. To determine which ...read more
3 Lens Upgrades to Consider for Your New Pair of Glasses, Stallings, North Carolina
When you rely on eyeglasses to see better, the quality of your lenses will make all the difference regarding comfort and performance. But, if you’ve been relying on the same lens type over the years, you may be surprised to learn th...read more
Matthews, NC Optometrists Businesses
First Choice Eye Care OD, Eye Exams, Optometrists, Eye Care, Matthews, North Carolina
14617 Lawyers Rd
Matthews, NC 28104
Whether you’re reading the news or driving your car, you rely on your eyesight every day. The optometrists at First Choice Eye Care OD in Matthews, NC, will make sure your vision stays reliable for years to come. Through personable, qual...
Metrolina Eye Associates, Eye Care, Optometrists, Eye Doctors, Monroe, North Carolina
630 Comfort Ln, Ste E
Monroe, NC 28112
(704) 289-5455
If you’re like most Americans, vision is the one sense that you would fear losing above all else. With the right precautions and the help of a professional eye care center, you can maintain healthy eyesight—putting that worry to res...
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Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in the Winter, Stallings, North Carolina
Are sunglasses part of your cold weather gear? If not, they certainly should be—at least according to eye doctors. The same UV rays capable of harming your eyes during the summer can...read more
3 Reasons to Buy Eyeglasses in Person Rather Than Online, Stallings, North Carolina
The right pair of eyeglasses can provide you with a whole new view of the world while also making a bold fashion statement. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of on...read more
Hard vs Soft Contact Lenses: How to Choose, Stallings, North Carolina
If you’ve been offered the option of contact lenses to treat your vision problems, you’ll need to choose between hard and soft lenses. Both types are made of advanced materials perme...read more
4 Ways Contact Lens Wearers Can Avoid Eye Infections, Stallings, North Carolina
Eye infections can be painful, but even worse, they can cause damage to your eyes. When used properly, contact lenses provide effective, comfortable vision correction.  Here are...read more
What Are Ocular Migraines?, Stallings, North Carolina
Ocular, or retinal, migraines are a rare condition that can be painful and temporarily disruptive to vision. Like standard migraines, these events involve headache pain, but they are...read more
4 Eye Protection Tips to Embrace This Summer, Stallings, North Carolina
With summer in full swing, most families have had an exciting schedule filled with vacations and adventures. When out and about in this weather, the sun’s harsh rays can be detr...read more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape, Stallings, North Carolina
When seeking an attractive pair of eyeglasses, the shape of your face can determine which style is best for you. Not only are glasses crucial for being able to see the world around y...read more
5 Signs Your Child May Have Vision Problems, Stallings, North Carolina
Using computers, reading textbooks, understanding what is written on a whiteboard — all this and more are part of a child’s average school day. If any aspect of their vision is ...read more
The Do's & Don’ts of Caring for Your Eyeglasses, Stallings, North Carolina
When you don’t have perfect vision, eyeglasses offer a comfortable and stress-free way to see more clearly. To get the most from these devices, you must care for them properly. Provi...read more
3 Reasons Optometrists Want You to Wear Sunglasses, Stallings, North Carolina
By tradition, sunglasses represent an iconic summer accessory. Yet, the benefits of wearing them extend far beyond fashion—just ask your optometrist. There are many ways shades keep ...read more
Matthews Eye Doctor Offers 3 Ways to Protect Your Vision at the Office, Stallings, North Carolina
If you work in an office, you likely know that eye strain is a daily occurrence. Preserving your vision is crucial in this case, and fortunately the eye doctors at First Choice Eye C...read more
What to Know Before Getting Lasik Eye Surgery, Stallings, North Carolina
If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses, Lasik eye surgery is a viable solution. This revolutionary procedure has corrected vision for many people and provides nea...read more
At What Age Can Your Child Get Contact Lenses?, Stallings, North Carolina
For many people, contact lenses are considered a more convenient option than glasses when it comes to vision correction. For this reason, kids are often interested in contacts, espec...read more
Monroe Ophthalmologist Explains What You Should Know About Macular Degeneration, Monroe, North Carolina
Macular degeneration is a serious eye condition that can impair vision and ultimately lead to blindness in advanced cases. Because the consequences of this disorder are often severe,...read more
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