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3 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Eyeglasses, Washington, Missouri
Wearing eyeglasses for the first time requires some adjustment. That’s true for people of all ages, but children, in particular, may find it challenging. They might simply dislike change, or they could worry about what other kids may say...read more
4 Common Questions About Contact Lenses, Washington, Missouri
If you need to wear corrective eyewear and are interested in learning about contact lenses, it’s important to understand what wearing them entails. From learning how to wear them to cleaning them carefully, the right steps can make all t...read more
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Comprehensive Eye Care, LTD., Eye Doctors, Eye Care, Optometrists, Washington, Missouri
901 E 3rd St
Washington, MO 63090
Doubling as an optometrist office and alternative art gallery, Comprehensive Eye Care provides an appealing and spacious facility catered toward the health and comfort of each patient. Serving Franklin County, MO, Drs. Michael ...
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4 Early Signs of Cataracts, Washington, Missouri
Not all eye diseases and conditions have obvious symptoms when they begin. Cataracts, which can cause vision loss if left untreated, typically only cause mild problems at f...read more
3 Tips for Calming Your Child During Their First Eye Exam, Washington, Missouri
Many kids experience trepidation about their first eye exam. While these exams aren’t necessarily stressful, children often have concerns about what to expect, which is completely na...read more
How PRK Eye Surgery Differs From LASIK®, Washington, Missouri
Since eyes can struggle with a variety of problems, there’s more than one kind of eye surgery to help them heal. For example, PRK and LASIK® are two of the most effective s...read more
What Is Retinal Imaging & Why Is It Performed?, Washington, Missouri
During a routine comprehensive exam, the eye doctor may perform retinal imaging. This form of digital imaging captures the back of the eye and its structure. The level...read more
4 Common Questions Parents Have About Crossed Eyes, Washington, Missouri
Typically appearing in young children, strabismus is a condition that causes individuals to develop crossed eyes. The eyes are unable to move in a unified fashion, resulting in two d...read more
What Health Problems Can an Eye Exam Uncover?, Washington, Missouri
Annual eye exams help you maintain excellent vision and confirm your prescription glasses or contact lenses are working as needed. In addition, eye doctors can uncover general h...read more
What Should You Know About Astigmatism?, Washington, Missouri
Astigmatism is a common eye problem that an eye doctor can easily diagnose and treat. The condition, caused by irregularities in the shape of your eye, can produce blu...read more
3 Significant Ways Smoking Affects Your Eye Health, Washington, Missouri
Smoking affects your body in ways that go beyond your lungs and teeth. If you smoke, schedule regular eye exams to detect signs of smoking-related illnesses early on. ...read more
How Can You Slow the Progression of Cataracts?, Washington, Missouri
According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, over 24 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by cataracts. This prevalent condition clouds the eye’s natural lens...read more
A Helpful Guide to Glaucoma, Washington, Missouri
Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness, and experts estimate that it affects nearly three million Americans. As such, eye doctors continue to stress the importance of a...read more
Top 5 Ways to Reduce Irritation Caused by Dry Eyes, Washington, Missouri
Whether allergies or exhaustion cause them, dry eyes hinder your vision and make you uncomfortable all day long. If you’re tired of battling to keep your eyes comfortable, there...read more
What Is Digital Eye Strain?, Washington, Missouri
Tablets, computers, and cell phones are digital tools that are an inescapable part of the modern world. While these devices make daily life easier, allowing you to do everything...read more
How What You Eat Affects Eye Health, Washington, Missouri
Just like all other organs in the body, eyes are heavily influenced by the things you eat. For example, several nutrients help support ocular health and help you see clearly and...read more
Answers to FAQ About LASIK® Eye & Vision Surgery, Washington, Missouri
Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, or LASIK®, is a type of eye and vision surgery that uses lasers to correct a person’s eyesight. Because LASIK is still relatively new, candidat...read more
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