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How to Stop Losing Your Glasses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Misplacing prescription glasses happens every day. Once they’re gone, finding them becomes challenging because of compromised vision, often resulting in frustration and wasted time. Here are a few tips to ensure you break this habit. 5 ...read more
4 Reasons to Get Contact Lenses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Contact lenses are uniquely shaped to compensate for any vision issues. Since they’re applied directly to the eye, they can seem intimidating to people who have only worn glasses. If you’re curious about this visual aid, use the gui...read more
Fairbanks, AK Optometrists Businesses
West Valley Vision Center, Inc, Optometrists, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Fairbanks, Alaska
4169 Geist Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 479-4700
You rely on your eyes every day. To keep them their strongest and healthiest, you need specialized, quality care. The expert optometrists at West Valley Vision Center in Fairbanks, AK, provide the vital care you and your eyes deserve. T...
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3 Habits That Affect Your Eyesight, Fairbanks, Alaska
Your eyes are hard at work all day long. Scheduling annual eye exams is the most proactive way to stay on top of their health and prevent eye diseases from developing. Here’s what yo...read more
3 Tips to Preventing Cataracts, Fairbanks, Alaska
Cataracts are an eye disease, and people with this condition experience cloudy lenses or blindness from clusters of proteins. Fortunately, you can be proactive about taking prev...read more
Do’s & Don’ts of Wearing Contact Lenses, Fairbanks, Alaska
Contact lenses are convenient and discreet. Since they’re placed directly over the eyes, you must take proper precautions to prevent infections and irritation. Below are se...read more
4 Care Tips for Glasses, Fairbanks, Alaska
When you need glasses to see clearly, you may take them with you to many places. As you move with them, you should take steps to keep them intact. Here are a few ways to pr...read more
Top 3 Foods for Eye Care, Fairbanks, Alaska
The old adage “you are what you eat” applies to the eyes just as much as any other part of the body. The right foods help protect your vision from everyday strain and preve...read more
A Guide to Makeup for Sensitive Eyes, Fairbanks, Alaska
For people with sensitive eyes, it can be a challenge to wear makeup without causing reactions. If you wear contacts, the risk of watery, stinging, or swolle...read more
Do's & Don'ts of Managing Dry Eye, Fairbanks, Alaska
Tears are integral to the health and comfort of your eyes. That’s why chronic dry eye is uncomfortable for the people who experience it. While all vision issues should be checked out...read more
5 FAQ on Diabetic Retinopathy, Fairbanks, Alaska
Part of effective diabetes management involves knowing what complications can arise, such as eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy. Although not every diabetic person deve...read more
5 Eye Care Tips for Seniors, Fairbanks, Alaska
Aging brings on vision changes that might call for new glasses. A few eye disorders also become more common with age. While scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor&n...read more
3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Winter, Fairbanks, Alaska
Winter is around the corner, which means temperatures will soon drop. This season is also known for its dry air and low levels of humidity. Both of these elements can impact you...read more
3 Signs Your Eye Prescription Has Changed, Fairbanks, Alaska
Your vision will change over time, even if you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. If you suddenly notice a difference in your vision or experience unusual symptom...read more
Why You Should Schedule an Eye Exam Before the End of the Year, Fairbanks, Alaska
The end of 2019 is only a few weeks away. As such, now is the perfect time to schedule an eye exam if you have vision insurance. Beyond checking for common conditions, doing so ...read more
What Parents Should Know About Amblyopia in Children, Fairbanks, Alaska
Estimated to affect about three out of 100 children, amblyopia is a common eye disorder that may cause vision loss. Commonly known as lazy eye, this condition occurs when one ey...read more
Your Guide to Eye Care If You Have Diabetes, Fairbanks, Alaska
Diabetes affects over 100 million people in the United States. It can lead to several types of eye disease, making it the number one cause of blindness in adults aged ...read more
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