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3 Reasons Regular Eye Exams Are a Necessity, Dothan, Alabama
Problems with your vision can occur gradually, remaining unnoticed until they become a significant issue. Regular eye exams allow you to have a professional eye doctor check the health of your eyes and notify you of any changes...read more
What Your Eye Doctor Wants You to Know About Glaucoma, Dothan, Alabama
Glaucoma affects an estimated three million Americans, but only half of those living with this eye disease know they have it. Lack of awareness surrounding the condition is problematic, as it can cause permanent blindness if it isn’...read more
Dothan, AL Optometrists Businesses
Dr. Ron Sealock, Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Dothan, Alabama
1623 W Main St.
Dothan, AL 36301
As Dothan, Alabama’s favorite optometry center, Dr. Ron Sealock offers professional eye care for the entire family. Protecting and enhancing your vision should always be a top priority, but you need an eye doctor you can trust to provide...
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7 Quick Tips for the Proper Care of Your Contact Lenses, Dothan, Alabama
Millions of people all over the world use contact lenses, and they don’t have any problems with them. While the use of this eye care and fashion product is relatively commo...read more
Top 5 Eye-Catching Eyewear Trends for Winter, Dothan, Alabama
Fashion meets function with today’s eyewear, transforming a simple, necessary accessory into a full-on fashion statement. With so many people who need quality glasses,...read more
3 Tips for Avoiding Nose Indentations From Wearing Eyeglasses, Dothan, Alabama
If you wear eyeglasses, those unsightly dents on the bridge of your nose may show it, even if you haven't worn them all day. Fortunately, while those indentations can be almost impos...read more
5 Tips for Transitioning From Glasses to Contact Lenses, Dothan, Alabama
For many people, glasses are a great choice for improving their vision. But for others who don’t want to worry about wearing glasses on their face, breaking them, or misplacing them,...read more
3 Ways to Avoid Irritation While Wearing Contact Lenses, Dothan, Alabama
Patients with imperfect vision know that contact lenses provide an excellent alternative to wearing glasses. Unlike eye glasses, they aren’t as likely to get misplaced or break, and ...read more
3 Signs You Might Need Eyeglasses, Dothan, Alabama
Although it’s important for everyone to visit their eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years, sometimes it might be necessary to schedule an appointment earli...read more
3 Ways Eye Care Is Important for Diabetics: Leading Eye Doctor Explains, Dothan, Alabama
Eye care is important for all individuals, and seeing your eye doctor regularly can provide helpful insights into your overall health. Yet, it’s even more important for patients with...read more
3 Reasons Early Eye Exams for Young Kids Are Important, Dothan, Alabama
An early eye exam is just as important for young children as a visit to the pediatrician. Dr. Ron Sealock of Dothan, AL, offers professional eye care for the entire family, including...read more
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