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How Diabetes Can Impact Glaucoma, Ellicott City, Maryland
Among the many detrimental effects of diabetes, an increased risk of developing glaucoma is just one. As a lifelong partner in their patients’ eye health, Medical Eye Center of Columbia, MD, can provide the information you need to stay i...read more
5 Crucial Signs It’s Time for an Eye Exam, Ellicott City, Maryland
Eye specialists recommend most people have a complete eye exam at least once each year. However, if you are over age 50, your vision may change more rapidly, and you may need to schedule a checkup more often to ensure your eyeglasses or ...read more
Howard, MD Optometrists Businesses
Medical Eye Center, Cosmetic Surgery, Optometrists, Eye Exams, Columbia, Maryland
8860 Columbia 100 Pkwy, # 101
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 997-9900
At Columbia, MD’s best ophthalmologist practice, they believe your eyes are the window to your health and well-being. By focusing on preventing, detecting, and treating an array of ocular problems, the experienced doctors at Medical Eye ...
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Considering Eyelid Surgery? Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions, Ellicott City, Maryland
For many people, procedures like eyelid surgery can be a great way to improve their appearance as well as self-esteem. However, knowing exactly what the surgery entails is crucial, w...read more
What to Expect Following Cataract Surgery, Ellicott City, Maryland
Life with cataracts can be a challenge. You might find that colors appear duller, your vision is becoming doubled or blurred, and you may have difficulty seeing at night. If left unt...read more
Can Botox® Improve Droopy Eyelids?, Ellicott City, Maryland
If you have noticed that you look tired all the time, but sleep deprivation is not to blame, you may be wondering how to combat droopy eyelids and dark bags. Fortunately, there are s...read more
How Eyelid Surgery Can Improve Puffy, Baggy Eyes, Ellicott City, Maryland
Over time, the tissues that support your lower eyelids can lose their elasticity, causing fat deposits to shift downward. While this doesn’t pose a health risk, it can have a negativ...read more
Find Your Style: The Top Trends for Eye Glasses in 2017, Ellicott City, Maryland
Eye glasses aren’t just a way to correct vision problems—they can be a major style accessory that helps define your day-to-day look. But if you’re trying to shop for new specs, the w...read more
3 Tips for Choosing a Great Ophthalmologist, Ellicott City, Maryland
When it comes to your eye health, ophthalmologists can help you with everything from seeing more clearly to diagnosing serious conditions that could impact your ability to see. Unfor...read more
A Columbia Eye Doctor Explains What to Expect During Eyelid Surgery, Ellicott City, Maryland
Loosening skin around the eyes is a common side-effect of age. It can create unsightly wrinkles and bagginess, which is why eyelid surgery has become a popular solution. According to...read more
4 Signs You May Need Cataract Surgery, Ellicott City, Maryland
As you age, you may become prone to cataracts, a clouding of the eye that can cause vision problems. Because eye drops and medications are ineffective at preventing the formation of ...read more
Columbia Eye Doctor Lists 5 Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy, Ellicott City, Maryland
Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body—they are the primary way you receive and process information about the outside world. While these organs are essential to y...read more
An Eye Doctor Weighs In on 3 Treatments for Dry Eyes, Ellicott City, Maryland
If you’ve ever suffered from dry eyes, you know just how painful they can make things. For residents in Columbia, MD, Medical Eye Center has helped locals with their eyes for more th...read more
What Is Blepharoplasty? Eyelid Surgery Explained, Ellicott City, Maryland
Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, involves removing skin and fat from the upper or lower eyelid area. Although this surgery may be performed for cosmetic reasons,&nb...read more
Reasons Why You May Need Cataract Surgery, Ellicott City, Maryland
It is estimated that more than 24.4 million Americans age 40 and older have cataracts. It is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens which causes blurry vision and increases glare fro...read more
Maryland’s Top Ophthalmologists Discuss Glaucoma , Ellicott City, Maryland
Glaucoma is a silent disease; one that damages the optic nerve in your eyes and can eventually cause blindness. Of the three million Americans who have glaucoma, 50% are not aware of...read more
Eye Care: Should You Choose an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist? , Ellicott City, Maryland
Maybe you need to get some new contact lenses or eye glasses; maybe it’s time to research that cataract surgery you’ve been avoiding. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a basic eye ex...read more
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