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What Is the Connection Between Orthopedic Surgery & Heredity?, Kenai, Alaska
Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are among the most common reasons for orthopedic surgery. Joint replacements correct arthritis-related deformities, improve range of motion, and provide lasting pain relief to help patients get more
Why Joint Replacements Can Fail & How to Avoid It, Kenai, Alaska
Whether you’re an avid athlete or a worker who spends extended periods on your feet, it’s common to experience joint pain due to overuse or aging. When this discomfort negatively impacts your ability to go about your day, your doctor more
Kenai, AK Surgery Centers Businesses
Surgery Center of Kenai, Orthopedics, Medical Clinics, Surgery Centers, Kenai, Alaska
100 Trading Bay Dr.
Kenai, AK 99611
(907)- 335-2580
From the start, the doctors at Surgery Center of Kenai have been driven by a shared goal to provide an alternative to over-priced healthcare. With a focus on patients, not profits, the medical clinic offers the people of Kenai with lower...
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Common Questions About Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery, Kenai, Alaska
Knee replacement surgery can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with pain and limited mobility. This type of orthopedic surgery allows you to regain an active more
Differences Between Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow, Kenai, Alaska
Although tennis and golf both seem like low-impact sports, the demands each athletic motion requires can put immense stress on the joints. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are two of more
Why Knee Pain Is Common & When Orthopedic Surgery Is Necessary, Kenai, Alaska
Whether it’s an ache early in the morning or a sharp pain during your workout, knee pain is a common ailment. When rehabilitation and physical therapy don’t correct the more
Medical Clinic Explains What You Should Know About Deviated Septums, Kenai, Alaska
Deviated septums are a common but often misunderstood medical condition, which can cause breathing problems and other issues. The ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors at Surgery more
Orthopedic Surgery FAQs: What to Expect With ACL Reconstruction, Kenai, Alaska
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is responsible for stabilizing your knee and other connected tissues. If you suffer an ACL tear, orthopedic surgery might just be your best more
What Is an Otolaryngologist & Can They Perform Ear & Nose Surgery?, Kenai, Alaska
If your family doctor has indicated you could be in need of ear and nose surgery, you may have been referred to an otolaryngologist. While the name may be difficult to pronounce, more
Top 3 Food Types Best Suited for Proper After-Surgery Care, Kenai, Alaska
It's always going to be a major relief to have made it through a successful surgery, but it doesn't mean your work is fully complete. After-surgery care is just as important as the more
Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses the Prevention of Long-Term ACL Tears, Kenai, Alaska
ACL tears are common, especially among younger athletes. However, despite their frequency, many patients remain unaware of the complications associated with the injury. Below, a more
After-Surgery Care Experts Share Ways to Prepare for Recovery at Home, Kenai, Alaska
In the wake of surgery, patients might endure a prolonged recovery period. During this time, their mobility and overall health won’t be as strong as usual, so the after-surgery care more
Patient Leaves Review After Receiving Essential Ear & Nose Surgery, Kenai, Alaska
Whether an accident or a recurring problem forces you to the Surgery Center of Kenai, know that their licensed doctors have experience when it comes to throat, ear, and more
3 Hand & Wrist Issues Your Orthopedic Surgeon Can Fix, Kenai, Alaska
If you’re suffering from chronic discomfort or pain in your hands, wrists, or both, an orthopedic surgeon can help. At Surgery Center of Kenai in Alaska, they offer more
An Alaska Medical Clinic Explains How You Can Prepare for Anesthesia, Kenai, Alaska
Anesthesia is used by medical clinics during surgery prep as a way to help manage pain. Before your appointment, it is important to prepare yourself for what's to come. Surgery more
A General Surgery Guide to Varicose Veins & Their Treatment, Kenai, Alaska
Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, are those swollen blood vessels with a dark blue or red color. They can be painful and make you feel self-conscious about more
A Guide to Orthopedic Surgery: What Conditions Can It Treat?, Kenai, Alaska
Orthopedic surgery focuses on treating musculoskeletal conditions, from arthritic hips and knees to athletic injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more
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