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Operation Christmas Child, Hilo, Hawaii
Boxes are ready to go! Our fantastic staff is kicking off the holiday season by supporting Operation Christmas Child to help underprivileged children around the world! #operationchristmaschild    If you are looking for ways t...read more
Hilo, HI Orthopedics Businesses
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D., Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Medicine Doctors, Orthopedics, Hilo, Hawaii
670 Ponahawai Street, Suite 214
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-3331
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D. offers a caring style focused on redefining lives and healthy, whole communities in his Hilo, Hawaii-based orthopedic practice. Dr. Matsuura was inspired to pursue medicine by his mother, who cared for the health ...
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"just Cream please!", Hilo, Hawaii
White and Yellow Lab… with a silky coat like cream in coffee!  Meet our new office mascot, Cream… nine weeks old and off to a great start!  Dressed for success wi...read more
T-Bird and Pink Ladies!  , Hilo, Hawaii
4 Signs You Should See an Orthopedic Doctor, Hilo, Hawaii
An orthopedic doctor specializes in treating and managing conditions that affect the skeletal system, including the joints. Knowing when you should see this professional will help im...read more
What to Eat to Fortify Your Bones, Hilo, Hawaii
Having a broken bone is a significant inconvenience since it restricts your movements and everyday tasks. Fortunately, you can help safeguard your body by incorporating several key n...read more
Be Safe this Labor Day Weekend!, Hilo, Hawaii
UV Sanitizers, masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing… sheltering in… YES!  Let’s abide and keep our ohana and community safe from COVID19.  We extend our cond...read more
First Impressions Count!, Hilo, Hawaii
Meet Kaori!   We are pleased to introduce you to Kaori, a bright and fresh addition to our office.  By phone or in person, Kaori schedules appointments and assis...read more
The Link Between Dehydration & Sports Injuries, Hilo, Hawaii
From your skin to the liver, the cells throughout your body use water to function. As you breathe, perspire, and urinate, your body loses some of this H20. When you exercise, you’re ...read more
Awesome care from our Patients! , Hilo, Hawaii
The roles are often reversed in our office, when we receive such awesome and personal care from our patients.  Elaine and Aileen are two who have come to their appointments with...read more
4 Ways Athletes Can Avoid Knee Injuries, Hilo, Hawaii
Severe knee injuries can be challenging for athletes to overcome, requiring extensive physical therapy or even surgery. If you participate in sports, do what you can to prevent ...read more
Peter Matsuura M.D.: The Orthopaedic PA, Hilo, Hawaii
A new video in Peter Matsuura,MD’s YouTube Patient Education Video Channel introduces the role of his Physician Assistant, Kerry Lau.  Kerry and Dr. Matsuura together form ...read more
What to Do When Your Child Breaks a Bone, Hilo, Hawaii
Few people get through childhood without their fair share of bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Most injuries are minor and require little more than a bandage, but there are times when the...read more
A Guide to Chronic Knee Pain, Hilo, Hawaii
Chronic knee pain refers to long-term discomfort and swelling in the knees, and it can disrupt your daily activities. You should learn as much as you can about this condition, so you...read more
The Do's & Don'ts of Shoulder Surgery Recovery, Hilo, Hawaii
If you’ve torn your rotator cuff or sustained another type of injury in the area, your doctor may recommend shoulder surgery to fix the issue. This procedure is extremely common...read more
What to Think About Before Choosing Orthopedic Surgery, Hilo, Hawaii
Orthopedic surgery is a new experience for most patients, and there can be many questions. Before getting this treatment, you should know what to expect, understand the lasting ...read more
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