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What Is Arthroscopic Surgery?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether you’ve sustained an injury as a result of playing sports, or you’ve been suffering from joint pain lately, having an orthopedist perform an arthroscopy on you is a minimally invasive way to ensure that your joints are working pro...read more
Orthopedic Doctor Offers 4 Easy Ways to Drink More Water, Honolulu, Hawaii
Drinking water is important for your health, not only does it keep you hydrated, but it controls nearly every process and system in the body. If you’ve visited an orthopedic doctor recently, they may have advised you to drink more water ...read more
Oahu, HI Orthopedics Businesses
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D., Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Medicine Doctors, Orthopedics, Hilo, Hawaii
670 Ponahawai Street, Suite 214
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-3331
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D. offers a caring style focused on redefining lives and healthy, whole communities in his Hilo, Hawaii-based orthopedic practice. Dr. Matsuura was inspired to pursue medicine by his mother, who cared for the health ...
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health, Sports Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Orthopedics, Honolulu, Hawaii
1010 South King Street, Suite 401
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 521-8170
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health is Oahu’s source for orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, osteopathic manipulation, and functional nutritional medicine. The doctors at IMUA take pride in providing exceptional medica...
Honolulu Orthopedic Supply, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Orthopedics, Honolulu, Hawaii
885 Queen St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 596-2588
Whether you are in pain, recovering from an injury, or coping with diabetes, many people could use a little extra support. That is where Honolulu Orthopedic Supply in Honolulu, HI, comes in. The premier prosthetics resource offers an ext...
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5 Post-Surgery Recovery Tips From Orthopedic Doctors, Honolulu, Hawaii
If you’ve been scheduled for orthopedic surgery, you may be wondering what the recovery process will entail. While specific post-surgery instructions may vary by patient and procedur...read more
Orthopedic Doctor’s Guide to Morton’s Neuroma, Honolulu, Hawaii
Morton’s neuroma refers to a swollen, inflamed nerve located at the ball of your foot or the area between the third and fourth toes. Because it is a benign tumor, it may feel as...read more
What Is Tennis Elbow & How Can It Be Prevented?, Hilo, Hawaii
Playing sports like racquetball and tennis is a fun way to stay active. However, one common issue players deal with is a painful condition called tennis elbow. To prevent sports...read more
Orthopedic Doctor Spotlight: Meet Nicole Yukiko Gesik, D.O. , Honolulu, Hawaii
IMUA Orthopedics Sports & Health, the premier sports medicine clinic in Honolulu, HI, is proud to have a team of orthopedic doctors that strive to deliver the highest level of ca...read more
Orthopedist Shares 5 Unhealthy Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Spine, Honolulu, Hawaii
Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives? The orthopedists at IMUA Orthopedics Sports & Health in Honolulu...read more
A Sports Medicine Clinic on the 3 Health Benefits of Swimming, Honolulu, Hawaii
There’s seemingly no end to the benefits of swimming. This exercise is suited to people of all ages and can even be helpful for people with injuries or health conditions that impact ...read more
4 Do’s & Don’ts of Stress Management, Honolulu, Hawaii
Feeling stressed due to work and everyday life is completely normal, and everyone can get overwhelmed from time to time. Anxiety and stress can take a toll on your physical...read more
Need New Running Shoes? How to Select the Right Pair for You, Honolulu, Hawaii
From professional athletes to occasional joggers, every runner needs a reliable, supportive pair of running shoes. In addition to choosing the right size, you also need to consider y...read more
Sports Medicine Clinic Offers 4 Tips for Safe Summer Exercise, Honolulu, Hawaii
Warm weather is ideal for outdoor exercise, whether it’s a game of pickup basketball with friends or a solo hike. But exercising in the heat requires extra precaution. IMUA Orthopedi...read more
Honolulu Sports Medicine Clinic Shares the Importance of Physical Fitness, Honolulu, Hawaii
May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which means it’s the perfect time of year to focus your attention on your health and wellness. No matter what age you are, the spor...read more
Hilo Orthopedic Practice on How to Maintain Bone Health, Hilo, Hawaii
Not only do bones form the body’s support structure, they store calcium and protect the organs. Bones undergo breakdowns and replacements throughout life; however, this process ...read more
An Orthopedist’s Guide to Foot & Arch Pain, Honolulu, Hawaii
Your feet work hard for you every day, carrying you from point A to point B. You likely rarely give them any thought, however, until they start to hurt. As any orthopedist will tell ...read more
Why Choose an Orthopedic Physician Over an Allopathic Doctor?, Honolulu, Hawaii
In the United States, there are two kinds of practicing physicians: allopathic doctors (MDs) and osteopathic physicians (DOs). Although both are fully licensed and trained in diagnos...read more
How to Prepare for Marathons With the Right Nutrition, Honolulu, Hawaii
As you prepare for your next marathon, it is essential to focus on the quality of your nutrition. Choosing the right diet well before your race can have a significant impact on ...read more
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