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Benefits of Swimming for Seniors, Honolulu, Hawaii
Whether it’s outside at the beach or inside at a pool, swimming is a fun way for people of all ages to stay active and fit. It’s particularly beneficial for seniors who are interested in fitness but may have trouble participating in othe...read more
3 Body Types & How They Differ, Honolulu, Hawaii
As an athlete, you likely understand the importance of being in-tune with your body and what it needs. However, for the best performance results, you need to know what kind of body system you have. Each person has a unique body type...read more
Oahu, HI Orthopedics Businesses
Honolulu Orthopedic Supply, Prosthetics, Orthotics, Orthopedics, Honolulu, Hawaii
885 Queen St
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 596-2588
Whether you are in pain, recovering from an injury, or coping with diabetes, many people could use a little extra support. That is where Honolulu Orthopedic Supply in Honolulu, HI, comes in. The premier prosthetics resource offers an ext...
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health, Sports Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Orthopedics, Honolulu, Hawaii
1010 South King Street, Suite 401
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 521-8170
IMUA Orthopedics, Sports & Health is Oahu’s source for orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, osteopathic manipulation, and functional nutritional medicine. The doctors at IMUA take pride in providing exceptional medica...
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D., Arthroscopic Surgery, Sports Medicine Doctors, Orthopedics, Hilo, Hawaii
670 Ponahawai Street, Suite 214
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-3331
Peter A. Matsuura, M.D. offers a caring style focused on redefining lives and healthy, whole communities in his Hilo, Hawaii-based orthopedic practice. Dr. Matsuura was inspired to pursue medicine by his mother, who cared for the health ...
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Did My Child Break a Bone?, Hilo, Hawaii
Children slip, trip, tumble, and fall all the time. Thankfully, they're usually able to get up and brush themselves off. But what if your child took a serious fall and...read more
 3 Ways to Stay Motivated About Diet & Exercise, Honolulu, Hawaii
Weight loss is a journey that has ups and downs. When challenges arise, it’s easy to lose interest or abandon your fitness regimen. There’s no replacement for diet and exercise when ...read more
3 Essential Foods During Marathon Training, Honolulu, Hawaii
For marathon runners to succeed, they must eat the right foods. Proper nutrition keeps energy levels high, and it also helps build muscle and avoid injury. According to nutritional m...read more
3 Shoulder Surgery Aftercare Tips, Hilo, Hawaii
After having shoulder surgery, the way you approach the recovery period can make a significant difference in how quickly you progress. Along with choosing a skilled and experien...read more
How To Get Your Child To Be More Active, Honolulu, Hawaii
Maintaining a healthy fitness level is crucial for the health of everyone in your family, especially your children. How physically fit and active your child is now will influence the...read more
5 Ways to Stay Active as a Senior, Honolulu, Hawaii
Getting older often means taking on life at a slower pace, but it shouldn’t mean the end of fitness. Like everyone else, seniors must stay physically active to keep their bones stron...read more
FAQ About Orthopedics, Hilo, Hawaii
Orthopedics is the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, disorders, and injuries. Orthopedic doctors treat a wide range of issues, ...read more
What’s Causing Your Chronic Knee Pain?, Hilo, Hawaii
Chronic knee pain can stem from several factors, including sports injuries and preexisting health conditions. Whether it’s acute or dull and lingering, persistent joint pain can make...read more
Should You Be Active During Your Pregnancy?, Honolulu, Hawaii
By prioritizing your own wellness during pregnancy, you'll feel the best during this special time. It’s essential to talk to your OB-GYN and osteopathic physician about your pre...read more
3 Ways to Keep Your Child From Breaking Bones, Hilo, Hawaii
Staying active is an important part of your child’s health. As beneficial as team sports and outdoor play are, however, they do carry some risk of trips, falls, and bumps. Thankfully...read more
3 Important Stretches for Athletes, Honolulu, Hawaii
Stretching is an often overlooked part of athletic performance; however, it’s an essential aspect of sports medicine that can reduce the risk of injuries. Stretching is something you...read more
4 FAQ About Functional Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii
The human body is extremely complex, and treating injuries requires unique approaches, especially when it comes to mobility. Functional medicine focuses on the operations of the body...read more
3 Ways Athletes Can Boost Their Performance, Honolulu, Hawaii
No matter what your sport is, performance optimization is key. If you aren’t actively taking steps to further your performance, you’re holding yourself back. There are many proven st...read more
When Should I Take a Break From Working Out?, Honolulu, Hawaii
Exercise has vast health benefits, but there may come a time when you’re pushing it too hard and need to give your body some rest. Competitive athletes build recovery time into their...read more
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