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4 Injury Signs You Shouldn't Ignore, Rochester, New York
Bumps and bruises are a part of life, especially as you grow older. However, some injuries are far more serious than others, and certain injuries may require the help of an orthopedic doctor to ensure proper healing takes place. If ...read more
3 Tips to Avoid Football Injuries, Rochester, New York
Football is a high-intensity sport that’s great for character-building and keeping kids active. However, it also comes with an increased potential for sports injuries, which is why it’s important to help your child protect themselves. By...read more
Rochester, NY Orthopedics Businesses
Orthopaedic Associates Of Rochester, Doctors, Sports Medicine Doctors, Orthopedics, Rochester, New York
2410 Ridgeway Ave
Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 723-­3000
Catering to the needs of today’s active lifestyles, Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester provides the care and resources necessary to help their patients achieve improved mobility and performance.  As trusted physicians and orthopaed...
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What is an Orthopedic Doctor & Why Should You See One?, Rochester, New York
At least one of your friends or family members has probably seen an orthopedic doctor before. However, if you’ve never had to visit one of these specialists yourself, you may be...read more
3 Tips for Preventing Foot Injuries While Hiking, Rochester, New York
Foot injuries can result in a variety of distressing issues, ranging from foot pain and discomfort to the need for surgery or physical therapy. If you're a hiker who frequently ...read more
4 Ways to Prepare for Post-Knee Replacement Recovery, Rochester, New York
If you’ve scheduled a knee replacement surgery, you likely have a lot of preparation ahead of you. As you get ready for your surgery, you should also get your home and your fami...read more
5 Ways to Prevent Dislocated Joints, Rochester, New York
Dislocation occurs when a bone pops out of a socket. In minor cases, an orthopedic doctor may simply need to manipulate the joint to get the bone back in place. But in more severe si...read more
4 Ways to Avoid Shoulder Pain at Work, Rochester, New York
Whether you work at an office desk or in a factory, your work habits and posture impact your body and overall health. Repeated stress and improper movement in the shoulders or upper ...read more
3 Common Sports Injuries Associated With Baseball, Rochester, New York
For many sports enthusiasts, spring’s the time to get excited about baseball season, especially for those who play. If you’re a parent of a player, you might have some reservati...read more
The 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Rotator Cuff, Rochester, New York
Your rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that help your shoulder move properly. Overuse and trauma can cause injury to this area, potentially limiting movement in the futu...read more
5 Tips for Hip Replacement Recovery, Rochester, New York
From fractures to aggressive arthritis, there are many reasons why your hip joints may not be able to support proper body mechanics. Fortunately, orthopedic surgeons can replace them...read more
5 FAQ About Heel Pain From Plantar Fasciitis, Rochester, New York
Plantar fasciitis typically causes heel pain near where it meets the arch. The condition can be acute, with discomfort occurring only under certain triggers, or chronic, which may wo...read more
7 Signs You Could Be Exercising Too Much, Rochester, New York
While sports injuries can result from accidents or poor form, it’s also possible to incur harm from too much training. Excessive exercise could have serious ramifications f...read more
Do’s and Don’ts for New Runners, Rochester, New York
Running and jogging are accessible exercises that boost your cardiovascular health and help you enjoy the outdoors. As with any physical activity, it’s important to take safety preca...read more
4 FAQ on Knee Replacement Surgery, Rochester, New York
If arthritis or previous sports injuries are causing you severe knee pain that makes it difficult to get around, you may qualify for total knee replacement surgery. Performed by a sk...read more
5 Questions For Your Prospective Orthopedic Surgeon, Rochester, New York
If you need a joint replacement or other orthopedic procedure, it’s important to find the right orthopedic surgeon. Take some time to meet with your prospective surgeon in advance to...read more
What You Should Know Before Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain, Rochester, New York
Sports injuries, lifestyle factors, and other issues can all lead to debilitating back pain that affects every aspect of your life. If you’re living with chronic pain, a chiropractor...read more
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