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How to Spot the Differences Between Gingivitis & Periodontitis, Springdale, Ohio
Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a common condition with varying stages. What may begin with inflamed, bleeding gums can quickly become serious gum recession, pockets between the gums and teeth, and even tooth loss. The stage...read more
A Dentist Explains When You Should Get Dental X-Rays, Springdale, Ohio
The mouth is extremely complicated, and many oral health issues aren’t visible on the surface. Dental X-rays are the only way to give a dentist a comprehensive view of your mouth. However, most people fail to get them due to not knowing ...read more
Cincinnati, OH Oral Surgeons Businesses
Asch Dental, LLC, Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentistry, Cincinnati, Ohio
11711 Princeton Pike, Suite 943
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(513) 671-3225
Asch Dental, LLC has been providing teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, and affordable dentures to clients throughout Cincinnati, OH for more than 40 years. The experienced dental experts use state-of-the-art equi...
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Understanding the Link Between Periodontal Disease & Esophageal Cancer, Springdale, Ohio
If you are like most people, you might blame family history or environmental concerns on cancer development, not something as simple and common as poor oral hygiene. However, scienti...read more
Why You Should Visit the Dentist Before the End of the Year, Springdale, Ohio
If you needed extensive dental work this past year, you might have already exceeded your insurance plan’s policy limits. However, those who just visited their dentist for a...read more
Top 5 Stain-Causing Foods, Springdale, Ohio
If your smile appears a little less pearly white than you’d like, you may want to consider reevaluating your diet. While visiting the dentist for a professional teeth whitening ...read more
A Guide to Tooth Replacement, Springdale, Ohio
A healthy smile is essential for both your overall appearance and oral health. Unfortunately, tooth loss is a common occurrence for many adults, whether due to poor oral hygiene, dis...read more
A Dentist's Guide to Good Oral Hygiene, Springdale, Ohio
If you get a cavity, start developing gum disease, or just notice yellowing teeth, modern dentists have some amazing technology that can quickly restore your smile. Of course, most p...read more
Afraid of the Dentist? 4 Tips for Relieving Your Anxiety, Springdale, Ohio
Nobody really likes going to the dentist, but for some people, the prospect of getting fillings or even a professional cleaning fills them with crippling anxiety; this is sometimes s...read more
Cincinnati’s Best Dentist Explains What to Do About a Chipped Tooth, Springdale, Ohio
A chipped tooth may not seem like a serious dental issue, especially if it’s not causing you any pain. Yet, while it might not be a critical emergency, it’s still important to get he...read more
4 Important Tips for Eating After a Teeth Whitening, Springdale, Ohio
When you get a professional teeth whitening treatment done, you want to maintain that pearly white shade for as long as possible. But, food and drinks can stain your teeth and reduce...read more
The Importance of Incorporating Flossing Into Your Teeth Cleaning Routine, Springdale, Ohio
If you don’t include flossing in your regular teeth cleaning routine, you aren’t alone. According to a 2014 survey by the American Dental Association, only four in ten Amer...read more
3 Cosmetic Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges, Springdale, Ohio
Dental bridges are a restorative dental option that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges are permanently affixed to your natural teeth or dental...read more
Ohio’s Best Dentist Shares 4 Reasons to Store Dentures in Water , Springdale, Ohio
When you wear dentures, maintaining them is always a top priority. That’s why locals in the greater Cincinnati area depend on Asch Dental. Known for being the best dentist in town, t...read more
3 Important Reasons to Get Dental Crowns, Springdale, Ohio
Dental crowns are a great solution for anyone who has a damaged or irregular tooth. Dental crowns are made from porcelain, ceramic, or metal and fit over the problematic tooth. They ...read more
5 Foods to Avoid After Undergoing Teeth Whitening, Springdale, Ohio
Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest cosmetic procedures to undergo, and it can produce dramatic results. If you want a brighter smile, turn to Asch Dental, LLC in Cinc...read more
Asch Dental Explains When to Get Dental X-Rays, Springdale, Ohio
Dental X-rays are an integral part of maintaining your oral health. Your teeth may look healthy on the outside, but there might be underlying issues that can only be detected through...read more
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